The Esports Membership adclaims the Valorable TEC Challenger collection

Because of the release of Valorant, the sport has been transformed into one of India’s most outstanding esports titles. In addition to sports tournaments which happen every year, the gamers can be fully competitive against the most effective gamers in the world. Among those tournaments is the TEC / Esports Membership Challenger collection. The TEC Challenger Collection is one of the greatest Valorant Championships in the South East Asian area.

An attractive TEC Challenger Collection plan was put into place.

The challenger collection (TEC) is going to carry two simultaneous qualification qualifications: South Asia (Saasi) Qualifier and South East Asia (Saasi) Qualifier. The 4 strongest groups in the SA q are going to increase the workforce level, the 4 best teams in the SA q are going to advance to the Workforce Level, while the 2nd group in conjunction with two invited groups will take the top four in the SEA q. are going to progress to the Workforce level.

The eight teams are fighting in opposition to each other in a round-robin layout. The highest 4 group members of Workforce will advance to the Games. The group will compete in accordance to the other two groups’ separate-for-unmarried-Removing limit in one-six second-level. As of the Grand Finals of the Playoffs, the winner of this final will decide the winner of the competition.

Prize Pool

The sequence contains a large prize pool of thirty thousand dollars. The winner gets seven thousand dollars, and the winner gets seven thousand dollars. The 3rd and fourth class finish gets 35,000 dollars. Moreover, the highest eight groups that qualify for the SEA and SA Qualifiers receive a maximum of 500 dollars each.


The TS will begin on twenty ninth September and finish on third October. The closing SEA qualififiers begin on 30th September and finish on 3rd October. After an afternoon of leisure, the Workforce Level starts on fifth and finally begins on fifth.

Beginning on eleventh October, the highest 4 groups will compete within the Playoffs, with the event ending on thirteenth October.


Registration for Qualifiers on the Esports Club website already started. Groups can check the game on the legit web page and fill out the HS Qualifiers shape. Second, Closed SEA Qualifiers may not be among the aforementioned many people.

The TEC Challenger Collection, with the huge prize pool, brings a extraordinary opportunity for the whole Valorant groups to show their skills in contrast to the aforementioned communities. Lovers can watch the developments survive the legit channel of The Esports Membership on YouTube and Loco, very similar to previous tournaments.


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