The Believer: Liam Davies believes he has the power to hurt anyone, including Naoya Inoue

In Frank Warren’s latest “Magnificent Seven” show in Birmingham on Saturday (March 14), 14 boxers threw countless punches, but none were as impressive as Liam Davies’ right uppercut in round two of a super-bantamweight fight between 11 and 12 o’clock.

Davies effortlessly landed the punch, cracking Erik Robles’ jaw and changing the course of their fight. Although it didn’t end the match, it sent Robles to the floor and diminished his resolve completely.

Davies attributes his success to years of practice with his family and trainers. He reflected on the fight with satisfaction, acknowledging the challenge Robles posed.

Davies’ power and precision have attracted attention beyond his gym. He understands the importance of generating excitement to draw more interest to his fights.

His dedication to training hard and lifting heavy weights contributes to his strength. Davies also emphasizes the importance of timing and accuracy in delivering powerful blows.

With the support of his manager, Errol Johnson, Davies has chosen opponents strategically, securing British, Commonwealth, European, and IBO super-bantamweight titles. Winning the IBO belt holds significance for both his amateur and pro gyms.

Davies’ late grandad played a crucial role in his boxing journey, instilling motivation and belief in his abilities. He honors his grandad’s support as he continues to pursue his goals in boxing.

While Davies treasures his current IBO belt, he remains motivated to achieve even greater success. He looks ahead to future fights and aims to capitalize on his momentum.

Although a match against Naoya Inoue, the top super-bantamweight, may be in the distant future, Davies is open to the challenge. He recognizes the importance of focusing on his own development and taking opportunities as they come.

Davies possesses a fearless attitude and a strong belief in his skills, showcasing his determination to face top opponents like Inoue. He remains confident in his ability to compete against the best in the world.

Davies’ fearless approach allows him to be creative in the ring and envision himself competing successfully against elite fighters. He expressed a willingness to face formidable opponents like Inoue, demonstrating his confidence in his abilities.

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