Team SMG, Team Lilgun dominate M5 Wild Card

Team SMG from Malaysia and Team Lilgun from Mongolia are preparing to battle it out at the M5 World Championship.

Both teams triumphed in their crossover matches at the M5 Wild Card, securing the final two spots in next month’s M5 Championship in the Philippines.

This is the first time a team has qualified for an M-series event via the Wild Card tournament.

This also represents the first time that a team from Mongolia will compete in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s premier tournament.

After an impressive performance at the M5 Wild Card, Team SMG and Team Lilgun are heading to the Philippines

Credit: Moonton Games

Both teams dominated their respective groups in the group stage, both finishing with a perfect 3-0 record.

Team SMG, the top seed from Group A, faced Imperio E-Sport, the second seed from Group B, in the first crossover match.

Team SMG claimed the first two games, with Aeliff “Smooth” Ariff delivering a remarkable 5/0/5 KDA on X.Borg in the first game and Kenneth “Saxa” Fedelin executing devastating Heavy Spin plays on Akai in the second game.

Despite facing possible defeat, Imperio did not surrender, extending the match to a fourth game after Marco “Markinho” Colque managed to dominate with Dyrroth and win the third game.

In the fourth game, Team SMG re-established their dominance, completing a perfect Lord play at the 13-minute marker.

After claiming the Lord buff and taking down three of Imperio’s players, Team SMG pushed the middle lane to secure their victory.

The second crossover match saw Team Lilgun, the top seed from Group B, face off against Team Niightmare Esports, the second seed from Group A, in what turned out to be a comparatively one-sided match.

Team Lilgun easily won the first two games, although Niightmare Esports offered some resistance in the third game, forcing it into overtime.

But, in the end, it was Team Lilgun who prevailed at the 27-minute Lord dance, leaving Niightmare Esports struggling to defend their base.

Team Lilgun took advantage of their opponent’s confusion, gradually eliminating Niightmare’s players until none remained.

After clearing all opposition, the victorious Mongolian team waited for the Lord to reach the base before destroying it for a decisive 3-0 victory.

They will join the 14 other teams that have qualified for the M5 World Championship group stage starting on December 2.

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