Team Falcons Behave: ‘Chemistry goes beyond actual gameplay’

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Middle East and North Africa (MPL MENA) has recently welcomed a new member – Team Falcons.

This team is a blend of experienced and new players from different countries, such as Saudi Arabia’s Abdulaziz “Hulk” Sulaimani, Egypt’s Mahmoud “Lio” Elsayed, and Patrick “Lawtrick” Ciego from the Philippines.

The responsibility of leading this team falls on experienced coach Gian Carl “Behave” Lamintao, who has spent some time at TODAK.

Coach Behave, despite the challenges of managing a diverse roster, assured during a press conference that he already has the strategy to make Team Falcons a formidable force in the impending season.

The Unique Strategy of Coach Behave to Foster Team Chemistry in Team Falcons

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Although formal training has not begun yet as the team’s members haven’t met in person, Coach Behave has already started delegating responsibilities

Currently, we’re improving the players’ micro gameplay. Once we meet, I’ll be managing their roles and formulating macro strategies,” he states.

When questioned about the probabilities for building team chemistry in a limited time period given the swiftly approaching regular season, he presented an interesting view, one that he has already started applying to the team.

“Building chemistry isn’t just about the gameplay. It also pertains to communication, dynamics of the team and coordination for team fights that occurs outside the matches,” he explained.

“Having a strong bond and spending time together can potentially create a positive team chemistry in as little as three days.”

In addition, he highlighted that the team is working on strengthening their camaraderie before the regular season commences on September 8th.

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Coach Behave and the team are rigorously preparing this season. The winning team of this season will have the honor of representing the region in the upcoming M5 World Championship, the grandest MLBB tournament, to be held in the Philippines later this year.

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