Taylor and Catterall keep a lid on their emotions during final press conference

JOSH TAYLOR and JACK CATTERALL remained composed and collected during today’s final press conference leading up to their rematch on Saturday at the First Direct Arena in Leeds.

The highly anticipated rematch, two years in the making, is just around the corner. Despite the absence of verbal outbursts or physical altercations, there was a palpable tension in the room during their face-off.

Following the customary photo session, the two super-lightweights locked eyes. Unlike the previous events where emotions ran high and things almost spiraled out of control, today’s encounter was marked by a simmering anticipation. The atmosphere was charged, but thankfully, it did not escalate.

Earlier, both fighters expressed their thoughts in a civil manner, refraining from provocation or confrontation.

“We both understand the stakes,” Catterall remarked. “We’ve had our build-up. There’s no love lost between us.

“Having seen the first fight, I believe there’s room for improvement from both of us. Emotions set aside, expect a better performance on Saturday.”

Catterall, hailing from Chorley, acknowledged the significance of this moment in his career but focused solely on the present challenge.

“The 140-pound division is stacked with talent, but my attention is solely on Saturday.”

Their previous contentious battle went the distance, but this time Catterall, with a record of 28-1 (13 KOs), is confident in a victory within the 12-round limit. “I aim to finish it on Saturday.”

Taylor, on the other hand, is determined to overcome his recent period of inactivity and disappointing outcomes when he steps into the ring this weekend. Despite his undisputed championship at 140lbs, Taylor has faced setbacks in his recent fights.

“This is just another fight week, another match,” Taylor stated during the press conference.

“I look forward to putting this all behind me and proving that the first fight was just an off night.”

While some have doubted Taylor’s abilities due to his time away from the ring and recent performances, Catterall’s trainer Jamie Moore dismissed those concerns. Taylor drew parallels with other combat sports to emphasize that setbacks do not define a career.

“Look at the history of boxing. Great fighters have bounced back and reclaimed titles. In other combat sports like UFC, athletes with loss records still excel. I believe I’m still at the top of my game, and a victory on Saturday puts me back in contention for my titles.”

In response to Catterall’s prediction of a stoppage, Taylor stated, “Let him believe that. I’m prepared for any outcome, whether by points or stoppage. My training has been exceptional, and if I connect with the shots I’ve been practicing, it’ll be decisive.”

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