Swedish esports organisation Alliance rebrands to mark a new era –

Alliance, the Swedish online gaming organisation, recently announced a rebranding. This makeover is part of Alliance’s efforts to usher in a new era. The gaming organization had this to say about the new look:

“Alliance has steadily grown from being a Swedish organization to a global entity with teams located across the globe. The time has come to welcome a new period. Our new logo captures who we have evolved into, and our strong commitment towards exploring limitless possibilities. This marks the initiation of an exciting new chapter in our journey, full of learning, growth and sustained success.”

In addition, Alliance indicates that the rebrand stands as a “link between the East and West, it’s a unifying platform which has blended a variety of cultures at work and play over the past decade.”

The rebrand has been publicized, but we understand it will be implemented fully in the coming weeks. Hence, anticipate to see a fresh new look from Alliance’s teams and gamers soon.

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