Stallions picking up Sweetdreams could open the door for NickMercs

An unexpected turn of events unfolds.

Still, an opportunity presents for NickMercs and the Tripods for a chance to play in the ALGS Pro League, given the surrender of the previous NRG spot.

This NRG spot was previously controlled by Sweetdreams and Nafen. The stipulation for maintaining the spot required their continued competition as a team.

However, information attained by multiple sources at implies that Sweetdreams will be moving to team Stallions for the 4th season of ALGS. This appears to be backed up by Stallions player Retzi expressing his interest in finding a new team.

What is the procedure for Pro League qualification?

Somewhat importantly, this situation creates a vacant Pro League slot for a lucky team. The provisions surrounding team qualification for the ALGS Pro League are as identified below:

A regular season of each regional Pro League, “Regular Season”, comprises of thirty (30) Teams:
● Up to eight (8) teams qualifying through Preseason Qualifiers; and
● Required to include at least twenty-two (22) teams, chosen based on their ALGS Year 3 performance, arranged in decreasing order of priority:
○ Teams that competed in various events throughout Year 3 including Championships, Pro League split 1 and split 2 Playoffs.
○ Teams invited at ALGS’s discretion.
○ Teams with an average Split Ranking of 15.00 or better across both Split 1 and Split 2 throughout Regular Season Year 3, chosen from best to worse in average Split Ranking.
○ Teams that finished Year 3 LCQ 10th or better, chosen from greatest to least in terms of LCQ rank

Some have suggested that Oversleepers, the 5th placed team from the Pre Season Qualifier, may be awarded the spot. However, the matter is not that straightforward. Pre Season qualifiers can include a maximum of eight teams, with the eight already being determined.

Retzi at the ALGS Pre Season invitational (Photo EA/ALGS)

How will the spot be determined?

EA prioritizes team eligibility within a distinct order. All teams who participated in any of the LAN events have already been invited. This redirects attention to teams handpicked at the discretion of the ALGS.

Predictably this empty spot will likely be filled through an invitation by EA.

Is it possible for EA to invite NickMercs and the Tripods?

Indeed, who EA might invite is unclear. However, it appears either the Tripods or Oversleepers are the prime candidates.

Should Oversleepers get invited, it would be a recognition for their 5th placement in terms of total Pre Season points. Although the team does not have an outright claim on a spot, EA could potentially decide to invite the succeeding best team thereby eliminating the need for decision making on their part.

Despite the controversy revolving around the Tripods, they are a substantial part of Apex Legends and garner much viewership. It seems strange that if EA desired to accommodate the Tripods in the ALGS Pro League for the sake of viewership, they would have done so already.

Sweetdreams to team up with Stallions

This current scenario is produce by Sweetdreams decision to join the Stallions. He originally intended to continue playing with his NRG partner Nafen. The pair had been looking for third team members and seemed to have found that in Lou.

After repeated difficulties in practice, specifically against team E8 at a Checkpoint contest, it appears Sweet’s plans changed. In the previous week he mentioned he would consider all of his options.

Sweetdreams (Photo EA/Joe Brady)

Today, it seems certain he’s moving to team up with Fuhhnq and Slayr as part of the Stallions team. With these two young controller players, Sweetdreams will have an opportunity to revitalize his Competitive Apex Legends career.

Retzi’s departure from Stallions substantiates rumors

The probability of this team change-up is virtually confirmed by the LFT post by present Stallions player Retzi.

Retzi also divulges that the team now receives support from an organization. Sweet has insighted in the past that an organization, presumably Luminosity, will support him regardless of which team he becomes part of.

Expectations are on EA

The attention is now towards EA. Many speculate that EA will invite the Tripods due to their large viewership and presence in the community. However, it’s ultimately up to EA to decide the replacement for the former NRG team. It would be quite surprising if either the Tripods or Oversleepers weren’t the ones to be invited. Then again, stranger things have occurred.

Stay tuned to see who will be receiving the invitation to participate in the ALGS Pro League.

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