Sports Summit and Player 1 Announce Partnership and Launch eSports Summit

Leading figures in the eSports industry will be at the forefront of relevant discussions at the event.

Player1 Gaming Group, Globo’s gaming and eSports affiliate, announced a strategic alliance with the Sports Summit, Latin America’s premier B2B sports industry event. Both entities are collaborating for the eSports Summit launch, which aims to propel the issue of electronic sports beyond gaming boundaries.

This groundbreaking partnership aims to provoke and lead discussions about eSports and explore its potential for engagement, entertainment and business.

Fernando Young, CEO of Sports Summit, expounded, “The gaming industry in Brazil generated a revenue of R$1.2 billion in 2022, a figure predicted to double by 2026. With talks about transforming eSports into an Olympic sport, the Sports Summit will play a vital role in merging traditional and electronic sports. Expect lots of content and big names.”

Leandro Valentim, who heads Player1 Gaming Group, shed light on the fast-paced advancement of electronic sports in terms of viewership, prizes and significance. Some instances he touched upon include the League of Legends World Cup attracting audiences surpassing 100 million, on par with the SuperBowl, and Dota’s The International disbursing more than R$200 million in a single championship. He highlighted recent developments such as the introduction of the eSports World Cup and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) venturing into eSports, as evidenced by the Olympic eSports Week and rumors about the eSports Olympic Games.

The union of knowledge and resources from both companies will be epitomized in the eSports Summit. This collaboration unites Player1 Gaming Group’s authority and alliances in the eSports industry since 2017 with the business acumen of the Sports Summit in the countries it operates.

The eSports Summit will include a curated section for eSports, with significant figures leading panel discussions held at the Sports Summit location. Various facets of the eSports horizon, including trends, innovations, challenges, and future prospects, will be explored during these sessions. An immersive experience arena focusing on the interplay between physical and electronic sports will be featured. Attendees will have the chance to engage directly with influencers, games and contests.

The panels will delve into the link between traditional sports and gaming. High-profile attendees such as Matías Portela, CEO of eSports organization KRÜ and Bruno «Playhard» Bittencourt, CEO of LOUD, are confirmed. The NBA’s Country Manager, Rodrigo Vicentini, as well as the head of eSports at RIOT Games and Ubisoft, Igor Correa and Leandro Estevam respectively, will also be present.

Location and date:

In tandem with the editions of the Sports Summit World Tour in Brazil, Miami, Mexico, Argentina and Madrid, the eSports Summit will convene. It will first convene during Sports Summit São Paolo, offering attendees a comprehensive and unified experience. The event is slated for May 7-9 at the Hilton Morumbi in São Paolo.

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