Seniesa Estrada fired up for Yokasta Valle undisputed fight | ‘I’ll put it on her!’ declares ‘Super Bad’ | Boxing News

Seniesa Estrada fights rival champion Yokasta Valle for the undisputed minimumweight title, live on Sky Sports in the early hours of Saturday morning; “This is the one. I’m long overdue to become undisputed,” ‘Super Bad’ Estrada declared

By John Dennen, Sports journalist

Seniesa Estrada now has the opportunity she’s always waited for.

“Super Bad” Estrada, from East Los Angeles, will fight Costa Rica’s Yocasta Valle for the undisputed minimumweight title, live on Sky Sports in the early hours of Saturday morning.

“This is the one. I’m long overdue to become undisputed. I’m just excited it’s finally here and I’m going to take full advantage of the opportunity,” Estrada told Sky Sports.

Highlights of the clash between Seniesa Estrada and Leonela Yudica for the WBC and WBA minimumweight world titles, from Las Vegas.

“I’ll be the first ever minimumweight champion to be undisputed.”

Valle holds the IBF and WBO belts, while Estrada, unbeaten in 25 professional contests, is the WBC and WBA titlist.

The American knows her rival champion is formidable.

“I’ll just say what I think she does well, and that’s throw a lot of punches and be aggressive. She likes to overwhelm her opponents with her punches and of course she’s going to come in in great shape,” Estrada explained.

WBC and WBA minimumweight world champion Seniesa Estrada and WBO and IBF champion Yokasta Valle spoke in the ring to setup an undisputed title fight.

But she still believes she can take advantage of those qualities.

“One thing a lot of opponents that go in the ring with me don’t understand – they think it’s going to be easy but they realise that it isn’t because I have a style that you have to adjust to,” Estrada declared.

“And I think that’s what she’s not going to expect and that’s what she doesn’t see.

“She can’t fight going backwards and I think that’s one thing I’m going to take advantage of,” Estrada added.

“When I get her falling off balance and breaking her stance, [I’ll] take advantage of those moments.

“I want to put it on her. Whether it’s countering her, or fighting on the inside, or pushing her back it’s going to be a great fight and I’m going to definitely show her why our skill levels are just completely different.

“My skill level’s just at another level. I want to show that.”

She wants to make a point too in this fight. “My goal is to go down as one of the best fighters,” Estrada said.

“Not one of the best female fighters but just one of the best fighters.”

Watch Seniesa Estrada vs Yokasta Valle live on Sky Sports Main Event and Sky Sports Action from 1am on Saturday morning.

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