ESports Boxing Club: New gameplay footage emerges after name change

Steel City Interactive are changing their name of the long awaited new boxing game to avoid confusion amongst fans of the boxing simulation title.

That’s right, eSports Boxing Club has been reborn as Undisputed.

It’s official Twitter account, which has undergone the very same change (the new handle is @PlayUndisputed), made that abundantly clear two days ago.

eSports Boxing Club announces change of name

In a video released to that channel, Creative Direction Ash Habib explained his reasons for the much needed name change and in short said it would provide much needed ‘clarity’ for players.

The general consensus was that the use of the term “eSports” had soon-to-be buyers of the game wondering whether this meant it was strictly just an online game.

In the aforementioned video, Habib said: “We’ve had a number of questions around, ‘is it an online-only game, is there a single player?’”

Video: E-Sports Boxing Club announce change of name

Perhaps the change in title shows their answer in that this newest release may in fact contain both game modes.

Habib also mentioned that the title did cause some confusion within the walls of the studio itself, as he told that “eSports” in the title reflected their intentions to have a yearly Undisputed tournament to crown an “eWBC Champion of the world whilst the winner receives a physical title belt.”

With all that being said, let’s take a look at the gameplay shall we?

Full-round of Undisputed gameplay footage released

It should be worth noting that across the top of the screen it says “Alpha Footage – Work In Progress”, which means the game is still in development and is not the final product.

We have a singular round contested by two British middleweights in Nigel Benn and Carl Froch, which suggests that we are definitely going to see real boxers incorporated into the game.

Before the bell sounds, we can the camera panning around the ring which gives it a broadcast-type feel, as well as a tale of the tape.

Video: Full round of ‘Undisputed’ gameplay footage

The HUD contains a health bar (red for Benn and blue for Froch), a white stamina bar (below the health bars), a heart rate monitor (right of Benn’s stamina bar and to the left of Froch’s) and the round number and the time remaining in the bottom of the middle of the screen.

As for the fight itself, it’s fast and furious with both guys landing some seriously heavy shots.

It would seem that by looking at the heart rate monitors, it could be said that Benn was by far the calmer fighter and was composed in defending and in head movement, while landing significant strikes.

Froch on the other hand looked to attack as much as possible and stay on the front foot, as he would breach the defence of Benn on a few occasions.

It was a tough round to call that’s for sure, but both men escaped that round unscathed and it had all the makings of a really good bout!

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