Sebastian Fundora is taking his short-notice opportunity in his stride

Sebastian Fundora had a premonition that he would eventually face Tim Tszyu in the ring. With Keith Thurman withdrawing from their scheduled bout due to injury, Fundora seized the opportunity to step in and take on the Australian boxer. This last-minute change elevated Fundora to the main event status, giving his career a significant boost after a recent loss. In a recent interview with Boxing News, Fundora discussed his thoughts on the upcoming challenge, his previous defeat, and other aspects of his career.

BN: How has your week been so far? Interesting?

SF: Very interesting. It’s been a big change, but we are prepared for it.

BN: Is this one of the more memorable weeks in your career?

SF: Definitely. This is currently the biggest week of my career.

BN: When did you find out you were going to replace Keith Thurman?

SF: We received the news on Sunday. Our promoter informed us that Keith had injured his bicep and asked if we were willing to fight Tim Tszyu for the WBC and WBO belts. We gladly accepted the opportunity.

BN: Have you made any adjustments in your preparation to face Tim Tszyu?

SF: We had a feeling that we might face Tim Tszyu in one of our upcoming fights. Our previous opponent, Serhii Bohachuk, had similar traits to Tszyu. We have been training in a way that prepares us for any style of fighter, so we believe we are more than ready for this challenge.

BN: How do you plan to defeat Tszyu? What do you think will set you apart in the fight?

SF: I plan to use my boxing skills and intelligence to showcase our differences in the ring.

BN: Since the loss to Brian Mendoza, how has life been for you?

SF: Life has been the same. The upcoming championship fight has given us a fresh opportunity to bounce back from the loss. It feels like a reset, and everything is going well.

BN: What was your experience after the defeat to Mendoza?

SF: I made a mistake in that fight, but it served as a learning lesson. I have addressed those mistakes in training and feel more than ready to face any challenge now.

BN: How do you handle the pressure of being in the spotlight for this fight?

SF: I have been in main events and faced tough opponents before, so I am prepared for the pressure that comes with this fight. The stakes are higher with two belts on the line, but I am ready for the challenge.

BN: What are your thoughts on the super-welterweight division at the moment?

SF: The division is shaping up to be very interesting, especially after this fight. There are a lot of talented fighters emerging, and it has the potential to become the best division in boxing soon.

BN: Overall, how do you see your future in boxing?

SF: Boxing is not just a job for me, it’s a way of life. I am fully dedicated to the sport and plan to continue pursuing my goals and becoming a world champion in my weight class before considering moving up in weight.

BN: What are your thoughts on the upcoming fight and the potential outcomes?

SF: I believe it will be an exciting fight with both of us aiming for a knockout. It’s going to be a great night for boxing fans to witness.

BN: When do you think you will move up in weight, if at all?

SF: While I am currently comfortable at 154lbs, I will consider moving up when the time is right. My focus right now is on becoming a world champion in this weight class.

BN: How do you handle setbacks and challenges in your career?

SF: With the support of my family and team, I quickly overcome any setbacks or challenges. They remind me to stay focused and work hard towards my goals.

BN: What weaknesses do you see in Tszyu that you can exploit?

SF: While Tim Tszyu is a great fighter, I believe in my training and skills to overcome any weaknesses he may have. I am prepared to give my best in the ring and secure a victory.

BN: What are your thoughts on the fight potentially not going the distance?

SF: It’s possible that the fight may end early with a knockout. Both of us will be aiming for an exciting finish, and the fans can expect a thrilling showdown.

BN: Any final thoughts on the upcoming fight and your career aspirations?

SF: I see this fight as a significant opportunity to showcase my skills and make a statement in the super-welterweight division. I am fully focused on achieving my goals and becoming the best in my weight class.

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