Guild Esports and Sky Broadband launch Women’s Gaming Tournament Series

Guild Esports is partnering with Sky Broadband to introduce a novel women’s gaming tournament series. This unprecedented initiative in the United Kingdom carries a total prize fund of £50,000 and the victorious teams will be awarded a professional contract. The game series begins on April 26, with the initial ‘Racers […]

Collaborating for a common cause, Guild Esports and Sky Broadband have introduced a first-of-its-kind women’s gaming tournament series in the UK. The winning teams stand a chance to win a professional contract along with a piece of the total £50,000 prize pool.

Scheduled to commence on April 26 with the ‘Racers Series’, the event will then move onto an undisclosed soccer game. This will be followed by live-streamed finals from the Sky HQ.

Through this unique series, both Guild Esports and Sky Broadband aim to enhance diversity and inclusivity in the world of gaming. This is the inaugural event offering professional contracts and monetary prizes for the victors.

As observed in a study, even though almost half (47%) of all gamers are women, a meagre 5% of esports professionals are women. Another research by Bryter indicates that a majority of women (56%) feel the representation of women gamers in esports is disproportionately low. In fact, 54% seem to agree that the gaming community isn’t proactive enough to encourage women gamers.

Photo: Matt Alexander/PA Media Assignments

The ambition of this challenge series is to pave the way for sustainable career prospects for women gamers. The winning participants will be entitled to esports pro contracts, extensive bootcamp training, access to top-notch facilities and consultation from experts including nutritionists to keep them at their best.

The said provisions would enable the victors to invest all their efforts into kick-starting their esports careers.

How is the Event Structured?

The Women’s gaming tournament series, a product of the collaboration between Guild Esports and Sky Broadband, will be conducted in three phases.

  • Racers Eseries – Taking place from April 26 to May 19, competitors are to participate in a SIM racing-based competition. The top ten contenders will then qualify to participate in the Women’s Esports Finals.
  • Soccer Eseries – More information on this esports soccer competition is scheduled to be released later this year. Four celebrated teams will qualify for the Women’s Esports Finals.
  • Womens Esports Finals – The concluding event, the finals, will be hosted and transmitted live from the Sky headquarters.

How to Participate?

Individuals interested in participating in this series can find additional information here. Eligibility criteria involve being a UK resident and aged 18 years or more.

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