RA Esports BGMI Champions Gala Semi Finals Day 3: Overall Standings, Match Summary

The RA Esports Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Champions Gala Semi Finals’ third day came to a successful end with the veteran teams including Orangutan, Godlike Esports, and Revenant Esports taking the lead. Newer teams such as WSB Gaming and Frequency Esports also demonstrated a steady performance.

These matches will determine which of the 24 competing teams advance to the Grand Finals.

Summary of Matches on Day 3 of the RA Esports BGMI Champions Gala Semi Finals

Match 1 Erangel: Revenant Esports bagged a 20-point victory. Revenant Esports’ Harsh “Aquanox” Rao was declared the MVP for four finishes. Trailing behind, Carnival Gaming earned an aggressive 17 points, 11 of which came from finishes. Alibaba Raiders rebounded, adding 10 points to their score. Team XSpark and Team Tamilas managed fourth and fifth places with 7 and 6 points, respectively.

Match 2 Miramar: Revenant Esports continued their winning streak with a 21-point victory. Hydra Esports brought up the rear, scoring 20 points in total, 14 of which came through finishes. Spraygod from Hydra Esports was crowned MVP of the match due to his six finishes. Medal Esports marked third place with 14 points. WindGod Esports and Team Tamilas took the fourth and fifth places with 7 and 6 points, respectively. Team XSpark, Team Zero, and Gods Reign scored no points and were eliminated.

Match 3 Miramar: Godlike Esports triumphed with a 17-point victory. Carnival Gaming accrued the most points totaling 18, including 12 from finishes. Global Esports showed a strong performance with 12 finishes. Godlike Esports’ Harshit ‘Beast” Yadav bagged the MVP title for the match with six finishes. Frequency Esports and Medal Esports clinched the fourth and fifth positions with 11 and 8 points, respectively. iQOO Soul was ousted early with just one point.

Match 4 Erangel: Orangutan landed a 24-point victory. WSB Gaming coming in second with their comeback getting them 13 points. Medal Esports and Godlike Esports placed third and fourth respectively, each received 12 points. Godlike Esports’ Tanishk “Admino” Singh was recognized as the MVP with seven finishes. Reckoning Esports achieved fifth place with 10 points, eight came from finishes. Carnival Gaming, U4G Esports, and Gods Reign were dismissed early, scoring no points.

Match 5 Miramar: Orangutan won again with 24 points. Orangutan’s Faraz “WizzGod” Khan took the title as the MVP with six finishes. Frequency Esports impressed again amassing 12 points. WindGod Esports and Team Zero took third and fourth place, both scoring 8 points. Entity Gaming secured the fifth place with 7 points. Global Esports was eliminated early, scoring no points.

Match 6 Erangel: Godlike Esports secured the second victory of the day with 12 points. Alibaba Riders accrued the most points in the match, 14 in total. WSB Gaming got second place with 14 points, 10 of which came from finishes. Armaan from WSB Gaming earned the MVP title for five finishes. Hyderabad Hydras rebounded with 12 points, whereas Revenant Esports managed fifth place with nine points. WindGod Esports was eliminated in the early stages with only 2 points.

Experienced teams like Orangutan, Revenant Esports, and Godlike Esports led the third of the event alongside rising teams like WSB Gaming and Frequency Esports. Some veteran teams like Gods Reign and Entity Gaming, however, failed to maintain consistent performances and landed in the lower half of the points table.

Stay posted for updates regarding your favorite teams’ recent performance and the ranking of underdog teams.

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