Professional Valorant player SicK arrested for second time

Hunter “SicK” Mims, a professional Valorant player, has been arrested for the second time in a year for criminal trespassing.

Hunter “SicK’ Mims. (Image Credit: Sentinels)

The first time the veteran was arrested was in March after an altercation with staff at a car dealership in Texas. Following his first arrest, SicK was suspended from his organization, Sentinels, and benched from its Valorant roster.

The CEO of Sentinels, Rob Moore, promised to support SicK during this difficult time and contacted his family for assistance.

“Our goal is to supports Hunter during this difficult moment,” Moore expressed.

SicK had taken a break from the professional Valorant scene due to his poor health before returning as a substitute player for the Sentinels team. Over the weekend, the pro posted a thread of strange tweets and streamed on Twitch while appearing to be under the influence, causing concern among many people, including his former teammate Shahzeb “ShahZam” Khan.

Shortly after these scenarios, esports journalist George Geddes reported SicK’s second arrest for criminal trespassing, the same reason as last March. Geddes emphasized that he was not a bad person and he ‘isn’t himself’ lately. The esports journalist added that Sentinels was working closely with SicK’s family to support him during this trying time.

Many esports fans on Twitter were shocked by SicK’s second arrest and expressed their hope that someone would get him to help with whatever he’s going through. Many expressed concern over the player’s current mental state and suggested that he should not be living alone and should have someone to watch over him.

As of writing this article, Sentinels has not released a statement about the situation and has not revealed the arrest memo.

Before the veteran Valorant figure’s arrest, ShahZam asked the Valorant community on Twitter to ignore his former teammate’s tweets and erratic behavior for now, promising that ‘this isn’t who he is.”.

“Please try your best to ignore his tweets and erratic behavior for now,” ShahZam requested the Valorant community.

Same word was echoed by Geddes, who said that SicK was one of the kindest people he had ever came acrossed.

Mental health problems are no joke, and while many streamers have opened up in their streams or in social platforms about dealing with them, it’s still concerning to see someone potentially going through it so publicly. It’s important to remember that public esports figures, like professional gamers, are also human beings made with flesh and blood who may struggle with mental health issues. It’s crucial to support them during their hard time and avoid making insensitive and triggering comments or jokes that could worsen their situation.

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The recent situation highlights the need for greater awareness and support for mental health in the esports community. Professional players and organizations must prioritize the well-being of their members, and fans should do their part to support them. The hope is that SicK can receive the help he needs and return to a healthy and successful career in the future.

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