Pro player’s big spider collection amazes and terrifies

Greetings, web-surfing buddies.

Fans of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and RSG PH are no strangers to Nathanael “Nathzz” Estrologo.

This experienced EXP laner has gained a reputation for his exceptional gameplay strategies and his proficiency in managing challenging characters like Benedetta and Paquito.

However, few are aware of his unique hobby outside the game – collecting spiders.

In an exclusive chat with ONE Esports at the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Invitational 2023 (MPLI 2023), the esports player opened up about his unusual interest and shared how his teammates responded when he introduced a few of his arachnid friends to their gaming house.

Nathzz’s expenditure on his spider collection will probably surprise you

Image Credit: RSG Philippines

Nathzz’s childhood interest in spiders saw an unexpected resurgence.

It all started when Arvie “Aqua” Antonio suggested the idea during a boot camp. Intrigued, they began acquiring spiders online.

“I joined many spider-related groups to find vendors,” Nathzz said.

Nathzz’s first purchase included a whopping 150 small spiders.

Image Credit: Timothy Dykes

Still, he wasn’t satisfied and sought out rarer spiders that were priced at PHP150 each(about US$2), amounting to a total of around PHP5,000 (roughly US$90).

His favorite species are small orb weavers.

Although his teammates were receptive to the new housemates, their coach, Brian “Panda” Lim, and manager Lexie, were not as thrilled.

“I always scare my coach, and he is always frightened,” Nathzz admitted jokingly.

However, fun times come with an expiration date. He had to release all the spiders into the wild before MPLI 2023.

“No one could take care of them as we’ll be away for a week at the event,” Nathzz explained.

Nathzz indicated he has no plans to resume his spider collection, but will always regard these creatures with a special fondness.

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