Players discover Halo’s planet Reach in Starfield

The space exploration RPG by Bethesda, Starfield, is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated games this year, boasting a massive influx of players globally. It features numerous planets to explore, with one fascinating planet modelled after the Microsoft’s acclaimed series, Halo.

Since launching earlier this month, Starfield players have been brushing through multiple planets out of the many yet to be discovered. The Eridani II, part of the Eridani star system, recently grabbed player’s attention. This planet will be fondly recognizable to Halo enthusiasts as Reach, the human colony inhabited by the in-game military force, the UNSC. Reach is essential to the game’s series, featuring prominently in the prequel, Halo: Reach.

Gamers also picked up on the striking resemblance between Eridani II and the Eridani in Halo. Those venturing into Eridani II will be warmly greeted by a richly habitable planet, complete with oceans, greenery, plus earth-like oxygen level and gravity. The planet also boasts lucrative resources and an environment conducive to free walking without space suits.

The utilization of real-life planets and star systems in both Halo and Starfield makes it apparent why this planet is imitated in the game.

Given Starfield’s intricacy, gamers have been prowling through the game’s galaxies for similar allusions. Some of these references extend to other Halo universe elements and even characters and tributes from other Bethesda games.

Considering the game’s wealth of content, the discovery of more connections and resemblances should not be unexpected in the future.

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