Overwatch 2 voice actor becomes Ex Oblivione co-owner

“I’m thrilled to explore this entirely new facet of the gaming industry.”

Ex Oblivione has welcomed Matilda Smedius, who also provides the voice of Brigitte Lindholm in Overwatch 2, as a new co-owner. Let’s delve deeper into this story.

Brigitte from Overwatch 2 (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)

Matilda Smedius takes up co-ownership of Ex Oblivione

Ex Oblivione, an Overwatch 2 team based in Europe, is competing in the Overwatch Championship Series (OWCS) coordinated by ESL FACEIT Group (EFG). As per the latest news, the team is adapting to bring on board talents like Smedius, a move which will solidify the position of Ex Oblivione as a significant entity.

Alongside Smedius, Ex Oblivione is owned by Kevin Hondijk and Vidyuth Manu. Hondijk operates as the founder and managing director of the outfit, while Manu oversees operations.

The relationship between Overwatch 2 and Ex Oblivione

The announcement highlights that Smedius aligns well with the team’s mission and perspective. It also elaborates on Ex Oblivione’s ambitions, which include creating a player-oriented esports organization, associating with brands that resonate with environment-conscious and community-centric values, and setting the benchmark for esports groups.



Building a player-first esports organization

Focusing on players, ensuring their needs are prioritized

Aligning with like-minded brands and organizations

Partnering with bodies and brands that promote sustainability and have a positive community impact, in order to counter the environmental effects of Ex Oblivione’s actions.

Creating the gold standard for esports teams

Making Ex Oblivione an organization that nurtures its staff, volunteers, players, and community, and provides growth opportunities while delivering quality content with top talents.

Besides, Ex Oblivione is actively seeking more partners, investors, content creators, key opinion leaders (KOLs), and organizations to collaborate with. The organization is also focused on reimagining the fan experience, which includes merchandise sales and support to valuable causes.

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