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Today was the last match of the qualifiers of VCL SA, as OG and RGE played their final matches from Group B. This match was the most important match so far as this decided the course of action for the three teams competing for qualification, i.e., Medal Esports, Reckoning Esports, and Aster Army.

Orangutan Esports Roster and Lineup

Orangutan Esports is a team of skilled players led by Sabyasachi “Antidote” Bose as IGL, Akram “Rawfiul” Virani, Rishi “RvK” Vijayakumar, Azis “azys” Nandang, Jm “tesseract” Ignacio, and Rajiv “LeVi” Satpute (Sub). Finally, RvK came back to his position in playing 5, where Levi had been playing before.

Reckoning Esports Roster and Lineup

Reckoning Esports had a talented lineup of Harsh “Harshhh” Arora as IGL, Saksham “Deadly10” Aurangabadkar, Varun “Mast3r” Menon, Daniil “flabben” Merzlyakov and

Aleksandr “hvoya” Eremin.

Map Veto and Selection

RGE banned Haven while OG banned Lotus. RGE went on to pick Ascent and Fracture was chosen by OG. Split and Pearl were banned, and Icebox became the last map.

Match Recap

Ascent saw the first pistol win by RGE, as Deadly10 showed us how much he missed being on Jett with his 4k. In anti-eco, OG managed to convert their eco round into a thrifty win. OG got 5 rounds continuously, and RGE broke into their momentum in round 7 where Flabben got a triple kill. The score was equalized at 5-5, and the half ended at 6-6, as the competition went neck-to-neck. 

RGE won the pistol round again and won the anti-eco as well this time. They lost the bonus and 2 rounds after that as well, as Antidote clutched a 1 vs 2 in round 16. Even in round 17, Harshhh almost clutched a 1 vs 4 thrifty round for RGE, but OG Antidote showed him what the controller diff looks like. In round 20, RGE was in the disadvantageous position of 2v4, where Harshh turned round by getting a triple kill and winning the round. OG managed to get a thrifty win in round 21 as Antidote got a triple kill with his sheriff. OG managed to close out the map by coming back from 9-11 to 13-11.

On Fracture, OG started by winning the pistol round and the anti-eco round. They lost the bonus as Harshhh clutched a 1v2 clutch. Round 4 was by OG, again gaining momentum as Tesseract got a triple kill. OG got the lead of 6-1. RGE got the 7th round, but OG went back to dominating as they closed the half at 9-3. 

RGE managed to win the important pistol round, with Hvoya getting a triple kill. RGE managed to win the bonus round as Flabben got a triple kill, getting them the momentum they required to come back from the huge round difference. OG got round 17, bringing the score to 10-7. Round 23 saw Flabben get a 3k, getting the score up to 11-12. RGE continued their flow to bring the map to overtime. In round 25, Rvk got 3k but still, RGE managed to get the round in defense. And finally, the 9-3 curse turned out to be real as RGE won the map even after being at such a huge disadvantage, showing their mental strength and calmness during their attacking side. 

In the final map of Icebox, OG started by winning the pistol round as Azys got 3k. They won the anti-eco but lost the bonus round. Both the teams seemed to be getting to and fro rounds, but then OG got the momentum, closing the half at 9-3, round 12 being a 2 vs 4 clutches by Azys and RvK.

OG got the pistol round again and RGE forced the next round, although they lost it. OG didn’t give up their momentum at all, finishing the map at 13-3, defeating RGE in their last match, and qualifying for the main event.

With this, the qualifiers are over and the top 3 teams from each group will play each other for a spot in Ascension from April 14.

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