Omne by FWD and ONE Esports, partner for new mini-docu esports series, Pro/cess

Beyond the bright lights and allure of success, lies the demanding work — the Pro/cess behind it is far from simple. 

A partnership between Omne by FWD and ONE Esports has launched a special mini-documentary series, Pro/cess. The series spotlights some of esports’ most distinguished players, including Metasit “Moowan” Leelapipatkul, Huỳnh “Lu” Hải Hoàng Luân, Calvin “VYN”, and Nadya “Unaa” Kheitna Putri. It delves into their daily lives and hurdles they have muscled through to achieve their current status.

Moowan, known for his youthful rebelliousness, is scarcely recognizable as a top esports player and veteran captain of one of Thailand’s leading RoV teams. His achievements include winning the domestic title five times, and an international championship once. And yet, for this 23-year-old, there is more in store as he continues to be a major force in Thailand’s RoV play.

Hoang Luan transitioned seamlessly from sports to esports. Formerly a football commentator, a conflict with his employer led him to the world of League of Legends, flourishing as one of Vietnam’s first esports casters. Best known as one of the veterans in Vietnamese esports, Hoang Luan essentially formed the base for casting in his homeland.

Starting off by signing up for a small Mobile Legends tournament with a friend, VYN’s journey has led to him being a captain of the venerated Indonesian esports team – Rex Regum Qeon. VYN’s story of resilience shines through his trajectory from being loaned out and defeating his hosts, to becoming one of the three players to have competed in every M World Championship. This positions VYN as the “King of Kings” in MLBB.

Despite having a conservative family background, Unaa quickly discovered her calling lay elsewhere. She successfully balances her responsibilities as a content creator and brand ambassador for Evos with her education. With millions of followers and her own gaming web store, Unaa’s journey is only gathering pace.

The series takes viewers straight to the source, diving into the inner thoughts and training grounds of these renowned talents.

Credit: ONE Esports

Experience a behind-the-scenes tour of esports training setups or the athletes’ home settings, along with the challenges they faced to reach their current standing.

Every series consists of three short episodes, each approximately three to five minutes long. These will be exclusively available on Omne by FWD for six months. 

About Omne by FWD

Omne by FWD is a lifestyle app designed to offer enjoyable, goal-oriented journeys. The app provides a range of customized content and rewards to help users attain their goals. It hosts a variety of science-based activities and content including music, mini-games, esports content and much more.

Committed to providing a supreme user experience, Omne by FWD and ONE Esports have collaborated to introduce an exclusive show called Pro/cess. The show aims to inspire viewers by showcasing the personal growth stories of top esports personalities.

The Omne series will delve into the journey of these gaming pioneers, focusing on their personal battles and triumphs leading to their current accomplishments. Most of these series will be filmed on locations where these professional esports athletes train and include features about their daily regime, discipline, and the elements that contributed to their success.

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