OhMyV33nus reveals why they’re skipping MPL PH Season 12

Everyone was taken aback when Johnmar “OhMyV33nus” Villaluna and Danerie James “Wise” Del Rosario were absent from the Blacklist International roster for the 12th season of MPL PH.

This season is of utmost importance as it decides which teams will secure the sought-after places in the forthcoming M5 World Championship, the most significant MLBB event of the year.

Blacklist International initially didn’t reveal the reasons for the dynamic pair’s decision to take a timeout, but OhMyV33nus later shed light on their season-long break.

OhMyV33nus and Wise planned for an earlier break, yet this ensued

A recent podcast hosted by V33nus, Wise, and former ONIC PH ambassador Arvin “Toriyama” Recio, revealed the pair’s initial plan to take a break in MSC 2023, after participating in Season 12.

“We were completely drained by Season 11,” V33nus declared. “So I determined that no matter the outcome—even if we qualified for MSC—Wise and I need a break for MSC 2023.”

This determination led them to clinch a spot in the grand finals against ECHO, guaranteeing a place in the mid-season tournament.

Upon finishing the 11th season of MPL PH, V33nus and Wise discussed their proposed timeout with Tryke “Tryke” Gutierrez, Blacklist’s CEO and the coaching staff.

Blacklist International's MSC 2023 roster
Credit: Moonton

The unanimous decision allowed both players to take a step back during MSC, with Blacklist Academy members stepping in. However, things took a surprising turn.

She furthered, “While sharing our MSC plans with Sir Joy (a Moonton representative), he humorously responded that changing the lineup was not allowed.”

As a result, V33nus and Wise had no choice but to partake in MSC and push their break to Season 12.

Blacklist International secured the second place in MSC 2023 after a fervid grand-final encounter with ONIC Esports.

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