Not the Average Joe: Beating Devin Haney was worth the weight for Ryan Garcia

RYAN GARCIA surprised many in the boxing world, including myself, last Saturday night (April 20).

Many expected him to lose easily, maybe even be knocked out by Devin Haney based on their previous performances. This victory was a significant milestone in Garcia’s career and showcased his skills. Garcia’s power proved to be too much for Haney to handle. Although Haney outboxed Garcia at times, he couldn’t withstand Garcia’s clean shots.

Leading up to the fight, there was a lot of talk about Garcia not making the 140lbs limit, coming in three pounds overweight and losing money in the process. In my view, being three pounds heavier than your opponent on fight night doesn’t provide a significant advantage. However, the weight difference can affect the outcome on the scales, indicating that the fighter who missed weight may not have pushed themselves as hard during training.

It’s common for championship boxers to cut weight before weigh-ins and then regain it before the fight to ensure a level playing field. Haney is known for cutting a substantial amount of weight and entering fights heavier than his opponents, earning him the label of a weight bully.

Garcia’s team likely anticipated Haney’s struggle at 140lbs and decided not to drain Garcia too much before the fight. They gambled on Garcia being fresher and stronger in the ring. This strategy may have been questionable, raising concerns about Garcia’s future weight management and potential penalties.

Although the WBC title was not at stake in this fight, Garcia’s victory held more significance than just a belt in the era of multiple championship titles.

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