A deserved but bittersweet victory for Jack Catterall

In two separate instances, ringside judges have impacted Jack Catterall’s fights, each time in a different way. The first time, they unjustly declared him the loser of a fight he clearly won. And most recently in Leeds on May 25th, they made him the clear winner of a fight that was actually very close.

For Jack Catterall, this may have seemed like justice at first. However, winning a close fight by a wide margin can also come with criticism. The wide scorecards (117-111, 117-111, 116-113) allowed Bob Arum, Josh Taylor’s promoter, to express his outrage at the decision. Catterall, who lost to Taylor almost two and a half years ago, now felt conflicted about winning a fight and feeling like he was favored.

After the fight, Catterall was honest about his feelings. He described the win over Taylor as “bittersweet” since there were no world titles at stake this time. Despite this, he believed he won the fight and closed the chapter with Taylor. Catterall acknowledged that it was a close fight but felt he had the edge in many of the rounds.

It was indeed a closely contested fight, but Catterall deserved the win for his impactful moments, effective jab, and crucial momentum shift in round 11. This pivotal moment, where he hurt Taylor, was a game-changer in the fight.

Catterall lands a left (Mark Robinson Matchroom Boxing)

Catterall’s victory was sealed without the need for a big left hand in round 11. His confidence in winning was evident by his reaction at the end of the fight. Despite the controversial scorecards, Catterall believed he had rightfully won.

Comparing the reactions to this fight with their first encounter in 2022, it was clear that the tables had turned. Taylor, who benefited from the judges’ decision before, now experienced defeat and disappointment. Both fighters displayed improved performances, with Taylor showing more aggression and conviction this time.

Throughout the fight, Catterall’s jab proved to be the difference-maker. It set up his damaging left cross and helped him maintain control. Despite the close rounds, Catterall’s strategic punches and momentum shift in round 11 secured his victory.

Taylor lands a left (Mark Robinson Matchroom Boxing)

Regardless of how many times they fight, there will always be a sense of dissatisfaction for one of the fighters. This rivalry will continue to fuel their competitiveness and leave both fighters wanting more.

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