Not even Rick Sanchez can keep MultiVersus’ numbers afloat

Finally joining his grandson Morty in the all-star crossover brawler game MultiVersus is Rick Sanchez, a character that has been highly anticipated to join the colorful roster of the game, especially since his partner-in-crime and grandson Morty has been chilling in the MultiVersus without his mad scientist of a grandfather.

Even though MultiVersus has proven itself to be an unbelievably popular game since its launch back in July, breaking 10 million active players just weeks after its release, it seems the game has taken to an age-old proverb we have all heard: the bigger they are, the harder they fall.

As meteoric was the rise of MultiVersus, so was its quick descent. According to Steamcharts, on Sept. 27, the night before the release of Rick Sanchez, the game saw its all-time lowest slump with 1,375 active players at the time.

On Sept. 28, however, right after the release of Rick Sanchez, the game found renewed hope with the current number of players rising to a peak of 11,937. This hope was short-lived though. The game saw a quick drop in active players as hours passed by, with the game around 2,500 active players at the time of writing, which only seems to be dropping further.

Furthermore, MultiVersus is now at the measly 180th place on the Top Games list, which is ranked by the number of current players on Steamcharts, which is also rapidly dropping as time passes.

MultiVersus has had an incredibly hyped pre-launch and launch season, played and marketed by the top Twitch streamers and YouTubers, not to mention boasting famous names from pop media making an appearance in their character roster for various kinds of fans to get their hands on.

The game even hit its all-time peak of active players just 11 days after its release due to this, having 153,044 active players in the game on July 27. Ever since then, the game has only seen a steady decline in players, with player counts rising when new content was added, only to dip soon after.

MultiVersus not having the depth and complexity to rival established fighters such as Tekken or Mortal Kombat, and instead, using its wide array of popular characters from various franchises to pull casual players from all over, who likely left the field when the novelty of the game wore off, left an ever-decreasing playerbase of the game in their wake.

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