M’sian Esports Player Muhyyiddin Banned from Mobile Legends Pro League for Match-Fixing Attempt

The Mobile Legends Professional League Malaysia (MPL Malaysia), known for its local esports professional league specific to Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB), has recently concluded an investigation concerning accusations of match-fixing involving Bountee Esports and its team members.

Based on their official statement, MPL Malaysia has established that Nik “Dominus” Muhyyiddin, a former member of Boutee Esports, attempted to participate in match-fixing by offering financial incentives to two fellow team members to manipulate the match’s outcome.

Suspended for one year

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According to MPL Malaysia, the charges Muhyyiddin was found guilty of include:

  • Two instances of match-fixing attempts
  • Two instances of attempting to offer financial benefits to Bountee Esports players to manipulate a match

For the mentioned offenses, Muhyyiddin has been handed the following penalties:

  • Immediate suspension from the MLBB Malaysia Esports Ecosystem for one year, lasting until 18 April 2025
  • This suspension encompasses MPL Malaysia, MAL Malaysia, and all events sanctioned by MOONTOON Games

Though the violations gravely breach the principles of integrity and professionalism, MPL Malaysia determined that Bounty Esports itself committed no transgressions.

Since then, the esports team has reiterated its dedication to improving its operations and management in partnership with the league.

Moving ahead, MPL Malaysia highlighted its commitment to enhance team engagements to assure that players are appropriately cared for and to escalate education on best practices and values to establish safe, positive, and respectful sporting environments for their participants.


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