Mobile Legends Saber guide: Best build, skills, emblem

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The rogue blade-wielder Saber is an assassin character in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, noted for having one of the most lethal combinations among characters in the game.

His high impact damage facilitates the elimination of fragile heroes in an immediate timespan.

While Saber is somewhat simple to pick up, gaining proficiency with this character necessitates substantial effort and tactical acumen.

To aid you in learning how to make the most of Saber’s potential, we’ve formulated an extensive ONE Esports guide, covering insights on abilities, the most effective battle spell and emblem, the optimal build and combinations.

Overview of Saber’s abilities in Mobile Legends

Passive – Enemy’s Bane

The attacks of Saber decrease the physical defence of enemies for several seconds whenever they land a hit.

  • Negative physical defence effect cumulates with each hit, up to a maximum of five stacks.
  • This defence decrease does not have an effect on minions but applies to creeps.
  • Abilities can also stimulate the passive. Frequently triggering his first ability, Orbiting Swords, aids in reaching the maximum stacks without much difficulty.

First ability – Orbiting Swords

Saber projects five swords that revolve around him, inflicting physical damage to enemies in the vicinity upon contact. After a while, the swords return to him.

When the swords are circulating, he hurls a sword at his target during each attack, causing excess physical damage to the primary target and half the damage to subsequent adversaries it intersects (damage is mitigated against minions).

Each successful attack also decreases the recharge duration of Charge (the second ability) by one second.

  • Orbiting Swords cause higher damage when combined with normal attacks.
  • Since this is his major attack and farming mechanism, prioritize upgrading this skill first.
  • You can activate Orbiting Swords while performing dashes and while moving using the joystick.
  • This skill can cause damage to invisible enemies, without revealing them.
  • While playing the role of a jungler and when obtaining the orange buff, prod the near creep using this ability to increase your farming speed.
  • Even during an attack on a tower, Saber will still propel a sword toward it and decrease Charge’s cooldown, but will not cause supplementary damage.
  • Even upon Saber’s eradication, the swords will persist in rotating around and returning to him.

Second ability – Charge

Saber rushes towards the target direction, inflicting physical damage to opponents in his path while amplifying his next normal attack. The boosted normal attack results in physical damage and slows the target temporarily.

  • Charge constitutes his mobility spell. It can be applied to initiate your combination or to escape precarious situations.
  • This capacity allows him to dash through walls.
  • In the case of you playing the jungler, do not hesitate to utilize this for boosting your normal attacks during creep farming.

Ultimate – Triple Sweep

Saber surges towards the targeted enemy hero, making them airborne and hitting them thrice over its duration.

The initial two hits inflict equivalent physical damage, with the final blow causing substantial damage.

  • Triple Sweep facilitates dashing a distance shorter than that possible with Charge. Nevertheless, it helps close the gap with your targeted adversary.
  • This consumes Orbiting Swords with each blow, resulting in significant damage. Thus, ensure that Orbiting Swords is stimulated before setting off the ultimate ability.
  • To ensure your target is struck, activate the Hero Lock Mode.
  • Even if the airborne effect is counteracted by Purify or other abilities with similar effects (Miya‘s Hidden Moonlight, Wanwan‘s Needles in Flowers), Triple Sweep will continue to inflict damage.
  • Notably, if Saber is killed during the ability’s active period, the opponent will remain airborne, but no added damage will be caused.

Complete guide on mastering Saber in Mobile Legends

Suggested battle spell

Courtesy: ONE Esports

If you choose to play the role of a jungler, Retribution is a suggested pick. This enables you to swiftly clear out creeps and secure the Turtle or Lord, thereby providing a decisive upper hand in the match.

Alternatively, if you play as a laner or navigator, opt for Execute. This allows you to defeat your adversary if they manage to sustain your combination attack.

Recommended emblem

Courtesy: ONE Esports

Select the Assassin emblem to maximize your ability to annihilate a hero with your combination. This emblem provides a significant boost to your adaptive penetration, adaptive attack and speed.

For the first tier, opt for Rupture to gain extra adaptive penetration and select Weapons Master in the second tier for an enhanced physical attack from equipment, emblem, and abilities.

In the concluding tier, choose Lethal Ignition, allowing you to apply adaptive damage when you deal damage surpassing seven percent of your target’s HP thrice within five seconds.

Most effective build for Saber

Courtesy: ONE Esports

Irrespective of the game, the aim while playing Saber is to yield maximum damage.

Having obtained your Boots, procure Hunter Strike or War Axe, Blade of the Heptaseas and Malefic Roar for physical penetration.

Acquire Blade of Despair for a strong physical attack and added movement speed. Endless Battle, Sea Halberd, or Rose Gold Meteor can be used to complete your build, based on the gameplay situation.

If required, you can increase your endurance during the late game by obtaining Immortality or a suitable defensive item.

The Optimal Build for Saber in Mobile Legends

  • Warrior Boots (Ice Retribution if you’re a jungler) (Dire Hit blessing if you’re a roamer)
  • Hunter Strike
  • Blade of the Heptaseas
  • Malefic Roar
  • Blade of Despair
  • Endless Battle

Beginner-friendly skill combinations

Credit: Moonton

In the initial stages of the game, be it playing as a jungler or a laner, cast the ability Orbiting Swords followed by Charge to enhance your basic attacks.

To initiate Saber’s deadly combination when you reach level four, activate Orbiting Swords first, then draw closer to your designated target with Charge. Deploy Triple Sweep to eliminate your enemy.

If you have Execute as your battle spell, use it to secure the kill if your adversary survives your combination.

Ensure the use of the Hero Lock Mode or Closest Target Resource in the Targeting Priority settings to guarantee that your abilities hit the designated target.

Another effective technique is to remain concealed in the bush and initiate an unforeseen attack on your opponents.

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