Mexican restaurant fills 643 Sports Bar’s shoes

Downtown BG HOT approaching Spring Baseball season

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – We’ve seen lots of new downtown development here in Bowling Green. Now, just in time for the Hot Rods’ spring Baseball season, a new downtown addition fills some pretty big shoes. 

Garcia’s Bar & Grill is expanding to their second location in town, moving into where the beloved 643 Sports Bar has sat since 2015. 

Between Spring Ball, Fountain Row’s Entertainment Destination Center, and developing downtown business, Spring 2023 is looking bright for BG.

Garcia’s Bar & Grill manager Elizabeth Alvarez said, “[Our first location is] on the other side of town. So, it’s just really exciting to be able to welcome new customers and attract people, especially our baseball fans… We’re hoping to just bring a good vibe and atmosphere to this area here in downtown.”

You can try out the Mexican restaurant when they open their doors this May. 


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