Mastercard Unveils 10 Gamers For G2 Esports-Backed Global Academy

Mastercard Gamer Academy, in cooperation with G2 Esports and Riot Games, has announced the 10 fortunate individuals who will participate in its groundbreaking program aimed to cultivate the next generation of esports stars.

The program, unveiled last November, attracted applications from 75 countries worldwide. The lengthy selection process resulted in the choice of 10 talented individuals, aged between 21 and 32. They will get an opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of esports and gaming through a nine-month, all-inclusive, global experience designed to furnish mentorship, networking, and skills required for an esports career.

The pursuit commences for the 2024 Mastercard Gamer Academy participants this March at G2 Esports’ headquarters in Berlin. G2 Esports was chosen as a partner due to its commitment to increasing female participation in gaming–which aligns with Mastercard’s focus, and is mirrored in the Academy’s 60-40 female-majority ratio.

2024 Mastercard Gamer Academy class


  • Meg Cabras, U.S.: The organizer of her own Valorant tournament, the Harana Cup, and a small clothing business owner;
  • Claire Toomey, U.S.: A student from Drexel University and president of the esports club, with three-time collegiate esports national championship to her name;
  • Myles Williamson, U.S.: An interviewing League of Legends casters, studying at the University of Michigan;
  • Carlos Portela, Brazil: The head of the International Relations Athletic Association, his school’s esports club.


  • Martin Veverka, Czech Republic: Ex-creative director of Sazka eLEAGUE, the largest Czech-Slovak electronic sports league, and former creative director of esports for the Czech News Center;
  • Sonja Zunger, Germany: A journalist focusing on gaming and esports. Also, she is a streamer, host, and caster for League of Legends events for E WIE EINFACH E-SPORTS;
  • Emily Bourgin, France: A student studying gaming and esports industry at Lyon’s Gaming Campus, with experience in organizing gaming festivals.

Middle East and Africa

  • Doreen Dabi-Diamon, Ghana: The creator of an all-female Valorant team competing in the Afro-Arab Esports League;
  • Salwa Bou, Lebanon: A professional competitor in GCC Valorant series, she also worked as a player manager at Gamers8 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


  • Siow Lee Xian, Singapore: Esports associate producer for ONE Esports, known for making a documentary about esports enthusiasts.

The participants’ journey starts in Berlin next month, after which they will be invited back for another three-day boot camp in June. Following, they will fly to Seoul, South Korea, in August for Valorant Champions, before concluding the Academy program in November at League of Legends Worlds in London.

Raja Rajamannar, Mastercard’s Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, expressed, “The Mastercard Gamer Academy is intent on offering a nurturing, inclusive space for everyone aiming to pursue their passions and excel. We are thrilled to introduce ten enthusiastic gamers who are ready to embark on an exciting adventure.

“It’s an extraordinary chance to learn from industry-leading experts, experience the world’s top esports tournaments, and build substantial skills for a gaming career.”

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