Marss finally wins a post-quarantine Smash tournament

After a long time in a rut, Marss has found his prime form again and was proclaimed the winner of Lost Tech City tonight. 

This Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament saw the renaissance of Marss, who swept everyone ahead of him, never losing a set to anyone and even ending the grand finals in a 3-0 fashion over Maister. Lost Tech City also saw the emergence of characters you wouldn’t usually see in the top eight of major tournaments, such as Bayonetta and King K. Rool.

Lima’s Bayonetta caused some upsets at this tournament. Originally seeded 14th, Lima went ahead and finished third, even sending Maister, the second seed, down to the losers bracket.

Bayonetta was definitely in the spotlight today. A tournament over in Austria, VCA, also had a top placing Bayonetta, who actually won the event over Glutonny, the third best player in the world.

But at LTC, Maister got his runback with Lima during the losers final and beat him 3-1 to proceed to the grand final.

Zomba, the first seed of the tournament, was out in fourth place after losing to Maister’s Game and Watch. Zomba took a game off Maister with his Lucina but just wasn’t able to stop the menace of Maister’s Game and Watch. This also marks the second time Zomba has missed out on qualifying for a special event, with the first one being Smash Ultimate Summit 5.

The three highest-placing players at LTC have qualified for the Panda Cup Finale since this tournament was a part of the Panda Cup, an officially licensed champion circuit by Panda and Nintendo. This means that Marss, Maister, and Lima, a premier Bayonetta player, have qualified for the Finale. 

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