LoL News : Gen.G Esports create history by winning four consecutive LCK titles

Photo courtesy of: LCK (Twitter/X)

Gen.G Esports secures an unprecedented fourth LCK title win in succession.

With their victory over T1 in the spring split grand finals, Gen.G Esports extends their reign over the LCK. Having been a prominent force in the LCK since the beginning of the previous season, their consistency was reinforced today, as this marked the fourth consecutive regional grand final where they outperformed T1.

A victory of this magnitude is even more significant when taking into account that Gen.G is the first-ever LCK team to accomplish such feat. They take their place in the exclusive club of four-in-row regional title victors, alongside Team Liquid and G2 Esports.

As a result of their victory, Gen.G earns their place in the Bracket Stage of the Mid-Season Invitational, alongside Liquid, the two confirmed teams so far. Upcoming contenders so far include the LPL’s Bilibili Gaming and Top Esports, along with the LEC’s G2 Esports and Fnatic. The LPL grand finals are set for next Saturday, whilst the LEC grand finals will commence later today.

Gen.G’s journey to their fourth sequential LCK championship has been nothing short of dominant. They lost only a single contest throughout the group stage’s 18 games, to KT Rolster. They effortlessly secured the remainder, with a 34-to-5 map win-loss ratio. However, the playoffs brought them challenges as both Dplus KIA and T1 pushed Gen.G to all five games.

The Gen.G team also created hurdles in T1’s ambitious lower bracket journey after they succumbed to Hanwha Life Esports in the upper bracket semifinals. Despite multiple DDoS attacks hampering T1’s preparations over the last few months, the defending world champions managed to qualify for MSI, albeit the challenging route.

Despite T1 gaining early momentum with a map win, two back-to-back wins brought the game-point within their reach. Not one to be easily defeated, the defending champions came back with two straight wins to capture the championship. The MVP trophy of the grand finals was awarded to none other than Gen.G’s Kim “Kiin” Gi-in, a recruit from the offseason.

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