List of all the changes coming to VALORANT Champions Tour 2024

Riot Games recently announced several updates regarding the forthcoming VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) season which will begin in early 2024.

Here is a detailed summary of the updates.


VCT 2024

Adjustments to VALORANT League and Calendar Revisions

The upcoming season will witness a number of changes, such as the launch of a new league in China, varying locations for worldwide events, and alterations to the VALORANT esports timetable.

The current VCT season is set to conclude on August 26th, after the end of VALORANT Champions 2023. Following the finals, VALORANT teams will transition into the off-season and multiple tournaments conducted by Riot’s partners will take place globally.

While the exact beginning of the new VCT season is not revealed yet, the first VCT 2024 event is expected to take place somewhere around January.

Calendar for VALORANT 2024

The calendar for the upcoming 2024 season has been released. The two Masters tournaments are set for March and May 2023 respectively, while VALORANT Champions will continue to take place in August. VALORANT Game Changers is scheduled for November, with the Challengers leagues divided into three phases: February to April, May to early August, and October to December. At the end of each Challengers phase, there will be playoffs, which will be followed by the Ascension tournament after the Champions.

Image: Riot Games

Season opening event will not be held

Unlike the 2023 season which started with all VCT teams assembled in Brazil for the LOCK//IN tournament, no such event will be organized in 2024.

Separate two-week tournaments will be arranged for each VCT International League to determine the seeding for VALORANT Masters Madrid, which represents the start of the 2024 season. Markedly, it will be VCT’s first venture into Spain, with eight slots reserved for the onsite competition.

Changes in VALORANT League & Introduction of Championship Points

Reforms are in the offing for VALORANT Challengers leagues, set to be spread out over the entire year. The Team affiliate system, loans, and a new in-game mode named “Premier” are among the additions. These enhancements are designed to strengthen player movement across different international leagues, Challengers, and Game Changers.

New teams like The Guard, Gentle Mates, and Bleed Esports will be included in VCT’s Partner Team leagues through the Ascension tournament. They will be part of the league for the next two years.

Riot is also introducing a new point system for the VCT called Championship Points. This system aims to increase the excitement during the season finale, serving as both a measure of each team’s strength and the qualification criterion for international events. More information about this point system is expected in the future.

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