Liga 1 Esports Nasional sukses digelar di Surabaya – ANTARA News Kalimantan Tengah

In Surabaya, the third series of the National Liga 1 Esports has been deemed a success, according to Ricky Setiawan, the Head of Athletes, Achievements, and IT at the Indonesian Esports Executive Board. He stated that the event was on par with Former series held in Palembang and Pontianak.


He noted that until now, the excitement in Surabaya had been remarkable, attracting up to a thousand spectators.
“In the three days of this event, we have seen a great level of enthusiasm from spectators in Surabaya. On the last day itself, we almost reached a thousand people – a figure that matches the number from Palembang,” said Setiawan, who also serves as the COO of Garudaku.
Setiawan further elaborated that Pontianak had the highest turnout with two thousand attendees on the last day. However, he believed that Surabaya remains the best, thanks to the atmosphere created by the enthusiastic audience and Esports teams.
“Apart from spectators, nearly five thousand Esports teams have registered in Garudaku, which means that Surabaya has a great chance for its teams to advance to Liga 1,” he added.
On the other hand, Rino Mangunsaputro, the coach of Pendekar Esports, claimed that Surabaya has been the best location throughout the three series of Liga 1 Esports due to an unforgettable first impression.
“The level of excitement here is not less than in the previous cities. As players and coaches, we are very enthusiastic. And what made a lasting impression was the beautiful Kali Mas and City Park that greeted us upon landing,” Rino remarked.
He further said that the Surabaya depicted on social media was not far from reality, with its beautiful city park.
“That’s why as players, we are quite won over by Surabaya. It’s such a beautiful city that leaves lasting impressions. Therefore, if given a chance, we would love to have Surabaya host the National Liga 1 Esports series again next year,” said Rino.
As it is known, the Pajajaran Esports team recently won 2-0 against the Borneo FC Esports team. With this victory, Pajajaran Esports has accumulated the same points as Borneo FC and continues to top the leaderboard.

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