LEC superstar reportedly signs 4-year extension with KOI

Following a subpar 2023 LEC season, KOI’s League of Legends squad may have just found the crucial element needed for their championship quest in the coming year.

Emil “Larssen” Larsson, the team’s superstar mid laner, has reportedly inked an impressive four-year contract extension with the organization that will run up to 2027, as stated by esports journalist Alejandro Gomis.

This strategic decision empowers KOI with a top-tier talent to spearhead their endeavors for the imminent season. Larssen stands as one of the rare players to have committed to a four-year contract with an LEC team after the league sanctioned long-term contracts in 2021.

The 23-year-old veteran, who began his journey with the Rogue-KOI brand back in 2019, has contributed significantly to the team since joining its main roster, including winning the inaugural Ultraliga Playoffs with the Academy squad.

Despite having only one LEC trophy under his belt, Larssen has consistently been a catalyst for Rogue and KOI, pushing the teams towards top-three finishes. In this year’s season, however, the team faced challenges in Summoner’s Rift that resulted in multiple bottom-five placements, culminating in just one top-three finish during the 2023 Winter Playoffs.

Furthermore, this summer season was particularly disastrous for the team, marked by two consecutive eighth-place results, falling short of the enhanced league format’s demands, and failing to maintain consistent performance.

There is also growing concern over KOI’s future following multiple reports of financial difficulties, which have supposedly impacted player and content creator pay, as well as its LEC license fee. Moreover, rumors are circulating that co-owner Ibai Llanos has dipped into personal funds to the tune of three million euros as a stop-gap for these financial hurdles.

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