KT Bdd owes his LoL esports career to this World Champion

He’s grateful he stayed connected with this buddy.

Good friendships can pay off, and this rings particularly true for Gwak “Bdd” Bo-seong, the midlaner for KT Rolster.

Currently in his seventh career year, Bdd is a consistent powerhouse in the LCK mid lane, having secured LCK titles twice in Summer 2017 and Spring 2018, and also being named the regular season MVP on both occasions.

During the regular season in 2023, Bdd demonstrated a resurgence of form, particularly in the Summer when KT outperformed titans such as Gen.G and T1 to claim the top spot.

Despite facing obstacles in the playoffs and finishing third in both splits, they narrowly escaped being knocked out as the LCK’s third seed. This involved weathering two Swiss format losses but eventually claiming victory over Dplus KIA.

In an exclusive discussion with ONE Esports, Bdd gave insight into his initial years, his escalating fascination with gaming, and the significant part a past Worlds champion played in fueling his League of Legends esports adventure.

Bdd goes back to his childhood beginnings in his esports career

Credit: Riot Games

“As a young person, I adored video games, and I observed that League of Legends was popular among my friends,” Bdd shared. At first, he didn’t comprehend the game’s appeal but chose to try based on his friends’ excitement.

Even though he dove into gaming later than his peers, his skills quickly outgrew them. “I began to notice my rank advancing and also saw professional players in my ranked games,” he recalled.

It was during these encounters with professional players that he began to contemplate a professional gaming career, recognizing his innate talent for the game.

Bdd’s introduction to CJ Entertainment by Ghost

The former Worlds champion, Jang “Ghost” Yong-jun, who Bdd was well-acquainted with, introduced him to the competitive scene.

Ghost encouraged him to join a tournament which was being run by CJ Entertainment. This tournament became a turning point because it offered training by CJ for the top-performing teams.

Seizing this opportunity, Bdd started his professional gaming journey by his third middle school year, making his debut as a player for CJ Entus in 2016.

Bdd’s family was aware of his passion for gaming and they initially had doubts about his professional ambitions. However, as he began bringing home victories, their doubt transformed into robust support.

Credit: Riot Games

He spoke of how his parents never pressured him to follow traditional academic or career paths, taking an unusual stance, especially in the Asian context.

Compared to his contemporaries vying for slots in top universities, Bdd’s journey may seem offbeat. But in retrospect, he remarked, “Initially, I felt stuck, like I wasn’t making progress. However, post my LCK debut, I recognized my gameplay had improved significantly and I had learned a lot. Witnessing this growth in myself, through my own efforts, was one of the high points of my career.”

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