KRÜ Esports releases 3 key VALORANT players ahead of 2023

KRÜ Esports has released Roberto Francisco “Mazino” Rivas Bugueño, Joaquín Ignacio “delz1k” Espinoza Soto and Angelo “keznit” Mori. 

The winningest team from Latin America will look for a new core of players after being accepted into the Americas VALORANT league. Mazino, delz1k, and keznit have been with KRÜ Esports since early 2021 and were major contributors to the team’s successes over the last two years. KRÜ Esports are the only team that have attended every international LAN event since VALORANT’s conception and were clear favorites to be selected into the Americas league from LATAM. 

KRÜ Esports had multiple first-place finishes in their Challengers local challengers league but have had varied success internationally despite always qualifying. The team never got above ninth place this year at LAN events, placing in the bottom four at Masters: Reykjavík and Masters: Copenhagen, with an 11th place finish at Champions to finish the year.

Now that KRÜ Esports are competing against some of the best from North America and Brazil, the team have decided to beef up its roster by keeping only two of its original members. Nicolas “Klaus” Ferrari and Juan Pablo “NagZ” Lopez are the only two remaining players from the five stack. With the Americas league, KRÜ Esports will now have the opportunity to sign any players from within their region due to the new import rules.

The offseason for VALORANT is still young, with players from all regions still being released and added to rosters. Whether KRÜ Esports will stick to players from LATAM or decide to sign NA players has yet to be determined.

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