Kaiju no 8 anime: Release date, characters, where to watch

Kaiju no 8 is a narrative about the struggles of a globe swarming with monstrosities. This tale recounts the efforts of the Defense Corps, an exceptional military squad deployed to protect Japan from the incessant attacks of the Kaiju.

These gargantuan and grotesque beings, bearing a striking resemblance to Godzilla, are a perpetual menace, forcing the Corps on treacherous missions to safeguard the populace.

After the real menace of these creatures is neutralised, the arduous task of clearing the remains falls on the hands of sweepers and staff of the Professional Kaijuu Cleaner Corporation.

Image Credit: Naoya Matsumoto

The anime portrayal is a venture by the celebrated animation studio in Japan, Production I.G, which is renowned for its brilliant productions such as Psycho-Pass, Kimi ni Todoke, and Haikyuu, into the expansive universe of giant monster animes.

Here’s everything you ought to know about Kaiju no 8.

Kaiju no 8 Explained

Kaiju no 8, also known as Monster Number 8, is a manga series from Japan designed by Naoya Matsumoto.

The narrative orbits around Kafka Hibino, a young man blessed with the ability to metamorphose into a kaiju following a fateful encounter with one.

Even with his extraordinary abilities, Kafka dreams of joining the Defense Force, which has the duty of wiping out Kaijus, to honor a promise he made to his childhood friend Mina Ashiro. Kafka’s journey is a roller coaster ride of navigating his newfound abilities, striving to join the Defense Force, and bearing the burden of the unique challenges and responsibilities that his peculiar situation presents.

When does Kaiju no 8 premiere?

The anime commences on April 13, 2024.

Main Characters in Kaiju no 8 and their Voice Artists

Kaiju no 8 can be streamed via Crunchyroll‘s online platform.

For more updates and information, do visit the official website of Kaiju no 8.

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