Japanese streamer ‘robbed’ during livestream by unlikely culprit

Streamers that livestream in public have run into many dangerous and scary situations, including physical altercations, stalkers, and racist encounters. But one IRL streamer ran into a totally new kind of situation in a recent viral clip.

Tanuka, known as crazy_japanese, is a partnered Twitch streamer and teacher. She is largely known for filming IRL content in Tokyo, gaining her over 60,000 followers. She is hoping to spread Japanese culture to viewers by showing everyday life in the city as well as sharing history of the country.

During a recent stream, crazy_japanese showed her viewers street food. She held up the food on a stick for viewers to get a better look at. That’s when the food was suddenly stolen right out of her hand.

But it wasn’t your everyday robbery. Instead, it appeared crazy_japanese had her food stolen by a bird. She was left completely stunned, even looking a bit frightened. At one point, the streamer even covered her mouth in disbelief.

According to crazy_japanese, the thief was a crow. This would make total sense since Tokyo is full of crows.

Over a decade ago, an NPR article outlined the extent of how crows have become pests in the crowded, bustling city of Tokyo. Many people have had similar experiences to crazy_japanese, with crows divebombing them to grab trinkets and food. In 2010, there were over 21,200 crows in Tokyo despite the city sinking millions into combating the infestation.

Of course, not everyone is opposed to co-habituating with crows. Many Japanese scientists have started researching crows even more, revealing that crows from the city may be some of the wisest birds in the world.

While the research concluded that not every crow in Japan is a genius, it seems crazy_japanese may have encountered one such scholar. The swift bird had gotten away with its crime without much a hitch despite being caught on camera.

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