Is the EA FC 24 Wildcard Foundations Guarantee pack worth it?

EA Sports has unveiled a number of thrilling new packages in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team, featuring the Wildcard Foundations Guarantee pack. As the title implies, this pack ensures at least one player from the latest promotion group, making it one of the few packs in the game up till now which does that. The FIFA 22’s Winter Wildcards promotional event has consistently gained traction among Ultimate Team fans, and EA FC 24 is keeping up with this tradition.

With the aim of keeping players engrossed and entertained throughout the week, EA Sports is dishing out several inventories. These consists of objectives, SBCs, and store packs like the Wildcards Foundations Guarantee pack.

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EA FC 24 Ultimate Team features the Wildcards Foundations Guarantee pack

Store packs have significantly contributed to the Ultimate Team content in EA FC 24. Each promotion presents several new special packs, enabling gamers to test their luck and secure some unique cards. The Winter Wildcards promotion is yet another instance of this trend, with the Wildcards Foundations Guarantee pack being available for players, now.

Similar to the Elite Wildcards Guarantee pack, this pack promises a Winter Wildcard player as well. It is much affordable than its predecessor and can be unlocked by spending 200,000 coins or 1,000 FC points. Nevertheless, the rewards are also comparatively lower, with just a single promotional item being guaranteed instead of three.

What’s included in the Wildcards Foundations Guarantee pack in EA FC 24?

This pack contains a guaranteed Winter Wildcards player item, along with 50 rare gold players with ratings of 80 or above. It also includes a loan player pick from two Winter Wildcards footballers and two Winter Wildcards Icons. All items can’t be traded, and the loans are valid for 10 matches each.

This is a breakdown of the pack probabilities, according to the variety of card types available in this pack:

  • Gold 75+ player: 100%
  • Gold 82+ player: 100%
  • Gold 88+ player: 55%
  • Triple Threat player: 2.9%
  • Thunderstruck player: 3.4%
  • Radioactive player: 1.1%
  • Winter Wildcards player: 100%
  • Winter Wildcards Icon player: 1.2%

EA Sports has re-launched some of the top performers from previous promotions such as Triple Threat, Centurions, and Radioactive, hence high-rated players like Lionel Messi, Vinicius Junior, and Kylian Mbappe are included in this pack. It’s one of the most enticing packs launched during this promotion despite its low price.

Nonetheless, purchasing the Wildcards Foundations Guarantee pack with coins may not be advisable, given that 200,000 is quite a sum in Ultimate Team, and most Winter Wildcards players are priced below this value. The pack is only worth it for those who are willing to invest in FC Points in EA FC 24.

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