Is Reaper being removed from Overwatch 2?

The numerous heroes of Overwatch 2 include the timeless and iconic Reaper. So if you heard the surprising rumor that Reaper was being fully cut from the game, you wouldn’t be the only one. But, as it often happens, not everything you read online holds up to scrutiny.

Is Reaper being eliminated from Overwatch?

Rest easy, Reaper is not being phased out from Overwatch 2. This rumor started as nothing more than a prank.

The false claim that Blizzard intended to exclude the hugely popular hero Reaper originated from a viral TikTok video. User Knockknockow posted a fake forum post video early on Monday, August 7, alleging that Reaper would be phased out, but this was a joke.

In the fake announcement labeled “Farewell to Reaper,” it was claimed that Reaper would be withdrawn in the sixth season, Invasion, due to “development and balance considerations.”

Though some players spotted the fraud by searching the official forums and not finding the alleged post, others bought into the idea of significant changes on the horizon.

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Why would they, anyway? Reaper has been a fan-favorite since the initial Overwatch release. A lot of players have an extensive array of skins for him. Removing him now would be negative for Blizzard, especially considering the numerous times they’ve already upset their fan base.

For the foreseeable future, Reaper will keep making his appearances in your game sessions.

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