IBF heavyweight belt likely for Hrgovic vs. Dubois

FILIP HRGOVIC anticipates a showdown against Daniel Dubois for the vacant IBF heavyweight title on June 1, with the possibility of a Wembley superfight against Anthony Joshua looming for the victor.

Hrgovic is aligned with Team Matchroom for the upcoming 5 vs 5 event against Queensberry, where Frank Warren’s heavyweight prospect Dubois has been chosen to square off against the Croatian.

The anticipated clash will occur shortly after Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk battle it out for the undisputed heavyweight championship in Riyadh on May 18. However, it is expected that the IBF will promptly strip the winner of their title.

While there were initial talks of Joshua vying for the vacant title, Hrgovic reveals that the belt will be up for grabs in his bout against Dubois.

“The plan is for the vacant IBF title to be contested between Dubois and myself,” stated Hrgovic.

“It’s expected that the winner will then face Joshua, but boxing is unpredictable. If Fury emerges victorious, he will likely aim for a showdown with Joshua next, bypassing a rematch with Usyk.”

The upcoming events in Saudi Arabia on May 18 and June 1 are part of the burgeoning boxing scene in the region. Turki Al-Alshikh, chairman of the General Entertainment Authority, has hinted at a Wembley show in September to promote Riyadh Season.

Hrgovic envisions either himself or Dubois headlining against Joshua at the iconic Wembley Stadium.

“If Usyk defeats Fury, a rematch is likely, so the winner between Dubois and me would face Joshua next,” he added. “Joshua is the ultimate opponent, and I hope to overcome Dubois and challenge him at Wembley in September. That would be ideal.”

In contrast, Dubois is unfazed by the presence or absence of a title when he faces Hrgovic, as he is focused on a potential showdown with Joshua.

“Whether or not our bout is for a world title, I aim to claim the IBF position he holds. The winner between Hrgovic and me has a clear path to a lucrative fight against AJ,” Dubois asserted. “A London derby for the world title would be monumental, and it’s a massive opportunity for me.”

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