How to Unlock Prince Eric in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley is Disney’s ambitious foray into the open-world genre. Despite being in early access, the game has a lot of fun activities to keep players occupied. It stays true to its roots by bringing in several characters from the Disney and Pixar universe to populate Dreamlight Valley.

Among those characters is Prince Eric, a popular character from one of the classic Disney franchises, The Little Mermaid. With The Little Mermaid being rebooted as a musical fantasy film, it seems like the perfect time to talk about this figure from Disney royalty.

How to unlock Prince Eric in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Prince Eric is the love of Ariel’s life, the one human from the surface world who captured her heart enough to make her want to leave everything behind to be on land with him. That obsessive wish leads to tragedy because she makes a deal that robs her of her voice. In a moment of weakness, Prince Eric makes a deal with Ursula to save Ariel from the Forgetting.

This leads to their story in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Ariel is searching for ways to be reunited with her true love Eric once more. If you wish to help her do so, you will need to first unlock Prince Eric as a friend. But this can take a while because it involves raising your friendship level with both Ariel and Ursula to level 10 to even attempt Eric’s questline.

Image via Gameloft

Once you accomplish this, head to Ursula and talk to her to get the “A Deal with Ursula” quest. This quest involves collecting some dark crystals for her and once you complete it, she gives Eric back to you. Although, he is not in the shape you expect him to be. After finding him in this unfortunate state, talking to Ariel will give you access to another quest called “Poor Unfortunate Prince.” Completing this quest will turn him back into a human.

This quest will take you through a few steps you will need to complete to finish this quest.

  • After talking to Ariel, go to Merlin and he will advise you to place Eric’s house in the valley first and then search for something important to Eric.
  • Place the house and then go to Scrooge. Talk to him and get the house constructed for 10,000 gold. After the house is constructed, head in and grab the flute.
  • Give Ariel the flute. She will then have to imagine Eric, call his name thrice, and give him a kiss to bring him back to normal.
  • After Eric turns back into a human, you will need to cook his favorite dishes next. Cook Gazpacho, Vegetarian Stew, and Berry Salad for him.
  • Eric will eat these dishes and then talk to Ariel. Talk to him after the conversation ends to complete the quest and unlock Prince Eric.

After this, Eric will be your friend and you can increase your friendship level with him for several rewards.

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