How to get Palladium in Starfield

The resources from Starfield are scattered across the galaxy, some are easily found, others like Palladium, not so much.

During the course of gameplay, you will encounter the necessity of using different resources from Starfield for crafting. Among them is Palladium, whose discovery can seem rather accidental but with the right approach, can be located rather swiftly.

Procuring Palladium in Starfield: A Guide

The visual appearance of Palladium in Starfield. Courtesy of Dot Esports

In Starfield, Palladium can be located on the surface of rock faces. It can be mined either by simple mining techniques or via Outpost mining for a greater yield.

Your quest for Palladium should start by consulting your map and searching for a planet marked with the periodic symbol for Palladium – Pd. Once you’ve identified a planet with this symbol, it indicates the presence of the substance. By examining the planet’s surface (Click LB), you can identify sites with large deposits of Palladium. Your next move is to descend onto the planet and begin your search.

Upon landing, activate your scanner to locate the resource. Once you have found Palladium, use your cutter to mine it, and it will be added to your inventory.

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While the above process allows you to obtain smaller amounts of Palladium, but for substantial quantities, Outpost mining is advisable. Although this method requires more resources and time, it might be more suitable depending on your situation.

Lastly, it’s worth noting that Palladium can also be bought from vendors. This could be a useful tactic if you’re in an urgent situation, but be aware it will come with a cost.

I, on the other hand, decided to roll up my sleeves and did the digging in order to save some credits.

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