How to fix Starfield audio cutting out

In the early access phase of Starfield, explorers have reported issues with their audio cutting off. While some may tie this to the fact that sound does not travel in space, this is not the culprit here.

Beyond the audio interruptions in Starfield, players have also reported frame drops causing severe lag, rendering the game unplayable. It appears to be an optimization problem that can potentially be resolved with a simple hotfix. Starfield enthusiasts have been working on provisional solutions to tackle the intermittent audio issue.

Many fans who took leave from work to immerse themselves in Starfield during its early access launch day, understandably require an immediate solution to fully enjoy their day-off.

Resolving audio interruptions and severe lags in Starfield

The issue of audio cutting off in Starfield has primarily impacted PC players. While a long-term solution is likely being developed, you can apply the following strategies to rectify audio disruptions in Starfield.

  1. Transfer Starfield to an SSD if it’s currently installed on your hard drive.
  2. Deactivate Dynamic Resolution and activate Gsync while attempting to play the game in non-fullscreen modes.
  3. Switch off upscaling, VSync, Motion Blur, and VRS.
  4. Decrease your graphical settings.
  5. If playing via Steam, activate offline mode and launch Starfield as an admin.
  6. Update all your drivers.
  7. Reinstall Starfield.

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These options were tried and tested by the Starfield community; they’re ordered by effectiveness. Begin with the first and work your way down, checking the audio after implementing each fix.

If the audio in Starfield continues to cut off even after trying these suggested fixes, the best course of action may be to wait for Bethesda’s hotfix, which could be included in Starfield‘s day one patch. While audio issues have been prominent, some players have also reported early access problems, suggesting Bethesda still has some serious bug fixes to implement before the full release of the game on September 6.

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