How to find Blue Star Lillies in Disney Dreamlight Valley

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, players need to collect various items to complete certain quests. Flowers are one of the foraging items you’ll find abundantly across all the biomes in the game. There are a variety of flowers in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and most of them grow in specific biomes. Players must unlock and travel to these biomes to find the item if a specific flower is needed to complete a quest.

After bringing Minnie Mouse back to the Valley, players will be tasked with The Language of Flower quest. In this quest, you must find the specific flowers mentioned by Minnie Mouse to progress in her questline. Players will be tasked with finding White and Red Hydrangea, Red Bell Flowers, and The Blue Star Lillies in The Language of Flower quest. All three of these flowers grow in different biomes, and you need to unlock them first. 

Here’s how to get the Blue Star Lillies in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Where do The Blue Star Lillies grow in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

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The Blue Star Lillies grow in the Forest of Valor biome in Disney Dreamlight Valley. To unlock and gain access to this biome, players need to spend 3,000 Dreamlight. Once that’s done, look around the region, and you will find certain blue-colored flowers with five petals. Check the yellow circle on the image above to see how Blue Star Lillies look in-game. Blue Star Lillies can be sold for 30 Star Coins, and we recommend foraging and storing them at your house to complete the quest later on.

Similar to Blue Star Lillies, players will also find the Red Bell Flower from the Forest of Valor biome. There are several tree stumps in this region, and we recommend clearing them out once you have the Shovel Blade from Anna’s An Icy Invitation quest. This will create more space for flowers to grow in the Forest of Valor biome. While these flowers grow in the Forest of Valor biome, you may not always find them in this region. If you do not find any, progress with other quests and wait for them to grow back. Visit the area later to collect the flowers. 

Where do White and Red Hydrangeas grow in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

White and Red Hydrangeas are native to the Dazzle Beach biome, and you must unlock this region with 1,000 Dreamlight to forage this item. White and Red Hydrangeas can be sold for 54 Star Coins. The Dazzle Beach is one of the first areas you will unlock in the game, and it’s ideal for collecting and storing the White and Red Hydrangeas at your house. This way, when you take Minnie’s quest, you will already have some of the required items. After collecting all the flowers:

  1. Visit a Crafting Station to make Minnie’s Flower Arrangement.
  2. Once it is crafted, return it to Minnie Mouse, and she asks players to deliver it to Mickey.
  3. Give the item to Mickey, and interact with Minnie Mouse to complete The Language of Flower quest.

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