How to find and harvest Helium-3 in Starfield

The crafting systems in Starfield require a selection of metals, materials and minerals, one of which is Helium-3, also known as He-3 in the game’s resource menus. Keeping track of all your resources can be challenging due to the large amount needed.

The universe in which Starfield is set, has numerous celestial bodies that contain He-3. You just need to understand which planets and moons harbor this element and the ways to extract it.

Which celestial bodies contain He-3?

Starfield includes a multitude of planets and not all of them possess every resource. Identifying where to find He-3 can become a prolonged task if you don’t know what to look for. I spotted He-3 at the following locations:

  • Planet Ananke in the Olympus System
  • Moon Curbeam of Bondar in the Alpha Centauri System
  • Moon Kurtz of Jemison in the Alpha Centauri System

The process of harvesting He-3 in Starfield

Once you pinpoint a body that houses He-3, it can be extracted through a few different methods. You’ll find He-3 both from vents and the ground.
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  • To gather He-3 from a vent, just walk up to the vent and interact with it to collect the element. But, be wary while harvesting He-3 from vents as it can cause the Lung Damage ailment, which can be cured with an Injector. This ailment makes your character cough, possibly drawing enemies’ attention and lessening your oxygen supply.
  • For larger He-3 deposits located in the ground , an outpost will need to be built. Here’s how you do that:
    • Utilize your hand scanner (default key mapped to F on PC, LB on Xbox) to highlight the He-3 deposit.
    • Press the key or button indicated at the bottom of the scanner HUD to set up an outpost.
    • Install a He-3 extractor and a power supply near the deposit. To build an extractor you’ll need four Nickel, three Copper, and five Aluminum.
    • Wait a while for the resource to be gathered by the extractor. Afterwards, interact with the extractor to pick up the He-3.
Build an extractor when you have sufficient materials. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Procuring He-3 in Starfield through purchase

If you’d rather not do the manual labor, you can simply buy He-3, provided you’re ready to spend some of your credits. The Jemison Mercantile, a store in New Atlantis, offers a range of resources and crafting materials, including He-3.

The Jemison Mercantile stocks a variety of resources and crafting materials. Screenshot by Dot Esports

To locate the Jemison Mercantile, fast travel to the spaceport in New Atlantis and go straight ahead. Make a slight left up the ramp and continue straight. Eventually, you’ll see the shop. Speak to the NPC at the counter to view the store’s inventory.

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