How to counter different types of damage in Mobile Legends

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A key element to success in Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is understanding the strategic depth and game sense they demand. The ultimate goal is simple — destroy the adversary’s base while defending your own.

However, the concept of damage is a pivotal mechanic to comprehend, as it directly shapes the way you achieve this purpose.

From beginners to advanced players, it’s crucial to grasp this game aspect as it influences your decisions related to hero draft, item build and overall strategy.

Which leads us to ask: What are the varying forms of damage in Mobile Legends and how can one counter each type?

Damage classifications in Mobile Legends

Damage in Mobile Legends comes in a variety of forms. It can be categorized by its source (either Basic Attacks or Skill-based), duration (either Burst or Damage Over Time), and area (either Single Target or Area-Of-Effect).

However, all these categories fall under three primary types, which are based on their nature.

Physical Damage

The most prevalent form of damage in the game is Physical Damage, typically inflicted through Basic Attacks and physical abilities. Heroes such as Beatrix, Bruno, and Brody are known for their high Physical Damage.

The level of physical damage you can inflict is dictated by several factors, including your hero’s physical attack stat. This stat can be augmented by collecting physical attack items during gameplay.

For instance, if you’re using Brody, the optimal physical damage build includes Blade of Despair. Incorporating items like Malefic Roar that enhance your Physical Penetration can significantly improve your HP-diminishing power.

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Conversely, stacking items that elevate your Physical Defense is advantageous when up against heroes dishing out Physical Damage. Blade Armor, Immortality, Dominance Ice, Antique Cuirass, and Bruteforce Breastplate are among the items you should consider to increase your resilience.

It’s essential, however, to take into account the way your enemies deal their damage. For instance, if you’re combating heroes that output Critical Damage like Bruno, Lesley, or Ling, stacking Blade Armor for a significant Physical Defense boost would be most beneficial.

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If the opponent delivers damage via skills, such as Brody, Benedetta, or X.Borg, an Antique Cuirass would be a wise purchase. Each time you’re hit by a skill, this item reduces the enemy’s physical attack.

Magic Damage

Magic Damage is induced by your hero’s magical skills or spells. Heroes inflicting Magic Damage include Pharsa, Gord, Valentina, and Yve, who utilise this kind of damage either constantly (as damage per second) or rapidly (as burst).

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Playing Magic Damage heroes requires a blend of strategic approach and the right items to optimize your Magic Power. Holy Crystal and Blood Wings can greatly augment your Magic Power, whereas Genius Wand and Divine Glaive can enhance your Magic Penetration.

When contending with Magic Damage heroes, the key is to understand the precise way they deliver damage.

If you’re against heroes that inflict their damage gradually or consistently, it makes sense to use Radiant Armor as a countermeasure. This item is almost inevitable when doing battle with the likes of Yve, Odette, Chang’e, or Valir.

When taking facing Burst Magic Damage heroes, your best option is Athena’s Shield, which has a unique passive that reduces Magic Damage for a specific duration once damage is inflicted.

True Damage

True Damage is the least common among the types of damage in Mobile Legends.

Delivering the “true” or original damage value directly to an opponent, True Damage bypasses all damage reduction effects. This means it completely ignores any armor or magic resistance the enemy might have.

Heroes like Karrie, Alpha, Martis, and Gord possess skills that deal True Damage, ensuring their damage-dealing capabilities persist throughout the game’s duration.

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True Damage cannot be countered but there’s a way to decrease its effects — increase your HP. Items like the Guardian’s Helmet and Cursed Helmet can provide the needed padding when dealing with True Damage heroes.

In addition to these, the Twilight Armor is another worthwhile consideration as its unique passive, Twilight, increases not just your HP but also your survivability versus burst heroes.

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