How does AcceleRATE work in FIFA 23?

Each soccer player can be considered unique. FIFA 23 uses specific categories to describe some players’ characteristics, like their running style.

AcceleRATE in FIFA 23 is used to group players into three different categories based on their acceleration types. The feature aims to make FIFA 23 more realistic, and fans will also need to consider the AcceleRATE of their players depending on their tactics.

All AcceleRATE archetypes in FIFA 23

  • Controlled: Controlled is the most commonly seen AcceleRATE archetype in FIFA 23. Players categorized under this group have a controlled acceleration style.
  • Explosive: Explosive describes players who can start sprinting at fast speeds. This trait can generally be seen on wingers and some midfielders.
  • Lengthy: Lengthy AcceleRATE archetype generally features tall players who take longer to start running at full speed. Though these players will take more time to reach their maximum speed, they’ll be able to retain it longer and cover more distance.

How are AcceleRATE archetypes assigned in FIFA 23?

The AcceleRATE archetypes are assigned based on players’ stats in FIFA 23. These stats include the player’s agility, strength, and height.

Explosive AcceleRATE archetype stats in FIFA 23

  • Agility: 65 and more
  • Agility and Strength: 15 and more
  • Acceleration: 70 and more
  • Height: 180cm and less

Lengthy AcceleRATE archetype stats in FIFA 23

  • Strength: 65 and more
  • Agility and Strength: 15 and more
  • Acceleration: 50 and more
  • Height: 174cm and more

Controlled AcceleRATE archetype stats in FIFA 23

All players who don’t satisfy the stat requirements above will be categorized under Controlled for their AcceleRATE.

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