Global Livestream of Darwin International Esports Match

Later this month, Darwin is going to be the battleground for stellar Tekken players from both the Philippines and Australia, as they compete in a high-stakes esports exhibition match. This event will be streamed live worldwide.

This prominent International Tekken 8 Philippines V Australia Esports Exhibition Match is due to take place on Thursday, 22 February. It will be an exciting display of talent and tactics as the players battle it out in the newest version of Tekken – a combative martial arts video game that pits one unique character against another in a personal showdown.

Three challengers from the Philippines, namely AK, Jules and Doujin and two leading Australian players, namely Dee-On Grey and Naveed will meet each other in the event. Additionally, a local player who triumphs in a qualifying round set to take place on Friday, 16 February at The Array in Smith St Mall will also be part of the match. Anyone is welcome to enroll in the free registration.

The Northern Territory Major Events Company (NTMEC) and the Northern Territory Government are the benefactors of this event. In collaboration with Filipino-Australia Association of the Northern Territory, The Array is set to bring this contest alive, culminating gaming, amusement, and culture into a unique fusion for gaming fanatics.

This exhibition match is set to unravel at The Array in Smith St Mall, Darwin, starting at 6pm on Thursday, 22 February. Spectators are welcome, and you can register and find further information on the Eventbrite listing

According to NTMEC CEO Suzana Bishop:

“Esports is a burgeoning industry and Darwin playing hosts to an international match that will be live-streamed adds an exposure that could reach millions across the globe. Alongside boosting the local tech and gaming sector, this event also solidifies our bond with the Philippines.

In addition to this, local fans can watch some of the best Tekken players battle it out in what promises to be an exhilarating match. This thrilling new event modifies Darwin’s usual calendar, adding something unique, and we are constantly striving to add such events.”

The Array’s CEO, Dylan Bennett, has also commented:

“The Tekken 8 Team Battle isn’t just a game – it symbolizes unity, advancement in technology, and the relentless competitive spirit. We are proud to introduce this monumental event to Darwin, marking the Northern Territory as an emerging hotbed for esports and digital creativity.

Apart from providing exhilaration and competitiveness, this event acts as a springboard for learning and developing new skills. It invites the younger generation and creative enthusiastics to interact with advanced technologies and digital arts, paving new career path opportunities in these burgeoning domains.”

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