Get ready to rumble: Top Esports and Edward Gaming officially enter North America’s Champion’s Queue server

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Get ready, North American League of Legends fans. Two of the best teams at the 2022 World Championship have finally landed stateside, and are ready to jump onto the Summoner’s Rift in the region’s special Champion’s Queue solo queue server.

Ever since the start of the tournament, fans and analysts alike have enjoyed some of the most exciting and fun solo queue games we’ve seen in Champion’s Queue, featuring multiple superstars from across the globe. We’ve seen highlights scattered across social media featuring players like EG’s veteran top laner Impact, DRX’s star AD carry Deft, and even T1’s legendary mid laner Faker.

These visiting stars are also paired up with current LCS, Academy, and collegiate talent, blending together cultures and regions in a way that we haven’t seen before. For example, former TSM jungler and superstar Spica was able to win a hilarious match alongside LOUD’s young marksman Brance and NA phenom Jojopyun. It was even better, knowing that they took down three T1 members along with Cloud9’s electric AD carry and former T1 Challengers member, Berserker

This time, TES and EDG will add the hectic, high-paced nature of the LPL to the fray, combined with the brilliant mechanical skill that each player brings. If any fans wish to see what these players have to offer before they take the stage in the group stage of Worlds, they can tune into the various streams that will be broadcasting these matches.

For anyone who wishes to keep track of these star-studded matches, you can check out the Champion’s Queue Updates Twitter account, where a bot automatically posts each match that goes live, along with a link that will bring a viewer to any broadcasting streamers.

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