Gamer.LK’s Esports Premier League crowned ‘Sri Lanka’s best digital marketing campaign’

Gaming and Esports agency, Gamer.LK received six digital marketing awards, including the Grand Prix gold award for “Best Digital Marketing Campaign”, at the SLIM DIGIS Awards recently.

This was the first time a games and Esports related campaign received the Grand Prix award at SLIM DIGIS – the top title awarded by the Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing for digital marketing in Sri Lanka.

Gamer.LK and InGame Esports were nominated for the awards alongside a record breaking 270 entries – the highest that SLIM has received to date. The Esports Premier League (EPL) was the 2nd iteration of Gamer.LK’s franchised Esports league featuring the title PUBG MOBILE. It partnered with cricketing legends as Esports franchise ambassadors to promote the event to a Cricket-loving nation using a 360-degree digital marketing campaign.

Gamer.LK also won Gold for best “Cross Digital Integration” for EPL and Gold for “Best Use of Gaming, Gamification and Esports” for Dell Gaming Academy. They also secured three other awards aside from these major takeaways for Samsung Gaming Community and Dell Streamer Challenge.

“We built a company of gamers and let them do what they love, devoid of the creative limits that a “traditional” digital agency would face – the outcome speaks for itself. Gaming and Esports are one of the most effective ways of engaging with youth and young adults, and we bring over a decade of experience in the space to brands and publishers that want to get onboard,” said Founder and CEO of Gamer.LK and InGame Esports, Raveen Wijayatilake.

The SLIM DIGIS is organised by the Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM) and acknowledges Sri Lanka’s best digital marketing efforts, creativity, and expertise. The SLIM DIGIS is one of Sri Lanka’s most prominent awards programs, recognising innovation and excellence in digital marketing.

InGame Esports is South Asia’s holistic Gaming and Esports Agency with over 15 years of experience in organising and promoting Esports in the region. InGame Esports is the first Esports company in Sri Lanka, to receive one of 2022’s Great Places to Work (GPTW) awards. Since its founding, InGame Esports has actively worked towards the growth of the Esports industry in Sri Lanka and the wider South Asian region.

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