G2 Esports LoL Announces LEC 2023 Roster

G2 Esports revealed their League of Legends roster for the LEC 2023 season, bringing back familiar faces while adding some new ones, too.

G2 Esports LoL LEC 2023 Roster

G2 Esports has been in hot water recently, and even the dominance they have over the LEC is being threatened after Rogue was crowned the champions last split. Through another creative announcement video, we get a sequel of “The Topfather,” with many callbacks to departed players, the community, and a duck.

Top Lane

Sergen “BrokenBlade” Çelik will remain in G2 Esports as their top laner for 2023. The Turkish topfather has cemented himself as one of the best top laners ever since he made his debut on a major region. He made this debut in NA, when he became the first Turkish player to play in the LCS after TSM imported him. He spent two years in NA before returning back to Europe with Schalke 04. A year and a miracle run after, BB moved on to G2 Esports and played the entire 2022 season with them.


Here comes perhaps the most surprising change, which surprised fans when it was initially rumored. Martin “Yike” Sundelin will be making his major region debut as G2’s jungler for 2023. He’s coming from LDLC OL, a French org who play in the LFL. LDLC OL is also the reigning champions of the LFL, after winning both the Spring and Summer splits this year. “After dominating the LFL, we have full confidence in Yike to perform on the highest level and we’re looking forward to seeing him jungle gap everyone in the LEC,” G2 said. This acquisition is not necessarily the shocking part to fans, but rather who he is replacing.

Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski has been G2’s jungler for five years, his name almost synonymous with the org. After several weeks of struggle and being in “contract jail,” Jankos’ departure from G2 was confirmed by both parties. Earlier this month, it has also been confirmed that Jankos will be playing for Team Heretics for the coming season.

Mid Lane

Rasmus “caPs” Winther is one thing staying constant for old G2 fans, though. He joined a year after Jankos in 2018, and with the jungler’s departure, caPs is now the longest standing member of the squad. He does not need any introduction, as he is also one of the most prominent names in League of Legends history. He’s been referred to as the best mid laner in the West and among the best in the world and has demonstrated his skill throughout his lengthy career.

Bot Lane

Steven “Hans sama” Liv returns to the LEC after a brief one-year stint in the LCS playing for Team Liquid. The TL roster that he was a part of was widely considered to have been a super team but was unable to meet expectations as they failed to qualify for Worlds 2022. Following Team Liquid’s intent to rebuild for the coming season, Hans sama was allowed to explore his options and landed back to Europe to play for G2 Esports. The return of the French ADC excited fans, especially when they saw who his support is.

He replaces Victor “Flakked” Lirola Tortosa, who will be playing for Team Heretics Academy. Flakked only played for G2 for a year, but he quickly showed up as he won the LEC in his debut season.


Another familiar face for G2 fans makes a return, as Mihael “Mikyx” Mehle rejoins the org for next year. He spent the past year with Excel Esports but was unfortunately unable to produce any meaningful results with the squad. During his previous three-year stint with G2 Esports however, Mikyx’ name rang loud and wide internationally, with multiple championships and Worlds appearances. This signing also reunites him with Hans sama, who was his lane partner back when the two were playing for Misfits Gaming. “We knew we had to pair him with the best talent available, so we reunited Miky and Hans to create the most dominant botlane in the League, powered by friendship and anime,” said G2.

He replaces Raphaël “Targamas” Crabbé, who will be taking up Mikyx’ vacated spot (for the second time) in Excel.

Coaching Staff

Dylan Falco will remain as G2 Esports’ Head Coach for the coming year. His help was enlisted by the org for a year now, and he has aided the team throughout two splits and two international appearances already. G2 seems satisfied with the help he’s giving towards the players’ growth, so he’s also here to stay.

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